EFFECT Project Team

CU makes Gun Crime the Target in Europe

Professor Erica Bowen and a team of CU researchers are leading on a high-profile project, aiming to provide EU policy makers with a body of knowledge about the nature, extent and impact of gun-enabled crime.

The EFFECT project is based in the Centre for Psychology, Behaviour and Achievement and is the first European project of its kind. Effect will also examine the effectiveness of interventions aimed at combating GEC and the cross-boarder sharing of ballistic intelligence. This will allow for targeted responses to GEC based on sound evidence.

Professor Erica Bowen said:

“Project EFFECT will help to establish a clearer picture of approaches to reducing gun enabled crime; from legislation, international cross-border police agencies and policy makers, down to those implementing interventions with offenders and in communities at risk of GEC.


“We are excited to be leading on this piece of work with key partners, which will highlight the research expertise of Coventry University while providing tangible outcomes which we hope will influence EU policy in this area.”

The project has a number of partners and collaborators, including researchers from Belgium, Germany, Greece and the UK and project partners from Calabria University, Italy, the Italian State Police, and the National Criminalistic-Technical Centre in Serbia.

Arquebus Solutions Limited, based at Coventry University’s Technology Park have been appointed to support the project, and bring gun crime expertise and experience to the project.



Nicola Vaughan