DanceResearch@DMU Seminar with Prof. Sarah Whatley

Professor Sarah Whatley ThumbnailCoventry Universities Prof. Sarah Whatley will be talking at Leicester’s DeMontford University on Tuesday 19th February.

The seminar will be looking at ‘Issues of visibility and invisibility in the work of disabled dance artists; dance, disability and law’. Sarah will be sharing the initial stages of an AHRC-funded research project. This research project brings together researchers in the areas of dance, intellectual property law and human rights law to ask a number of questions about the working methods and experiences of disabled dance artists.

The project will seek to expose how artists, and professionals within the creative and cultural industries who work with dance artists, think about issues of authorship and ownership of their work. Aiming to establish an appropriate methodology for incorporating observations of, and dialogues with, professional disabled dance artists to articulate working methods, collaborative processes and structures which support the making, performing, distribution and recording their work.

By way of contextualizing the project Sarah will share observations of one short film project made by and featuring UK dancer and choreographer Caroline Bowditch in which she is recast as the female dancer in a duet section from Joan Cleville’s choreography for Scottish Dance Theatre, Love Games, and juxtaposes her own film with the same duet danced by the non disabled dancer. The film project raises questions about the aesthetic properties of the double duet, the politics of the sameness and difference, and who can claim ‘ownership’ of the dance.



Nicola Vaughan