O2OA materials now on Jorum

Our O2OA outputs are now accessible from a single point online!

All O2OA outputs to date are now available on Jorum.  These are:

  1. Needs assessment report – the summary of our first phase exploring the knowledge, drivers, barriers and facilitators to OA (with an unsurprising behavioural ‘twang’)
  2. Open Access lifecycle flowchart – the brilliant Open Access output and Open Access Data flowchart produced by Miggie Pickton, University of Northampton.  This is being implemented during year 2 in our threeinstitutions, with the learning from this process disseminated throughout the year.
  3. Using Intervention Mapping to deliver Open Access – facilitators guide – This is a guide to run a workshop on using IM for OA, as delivered at the Oxford Brookes ‘Researcher behaviour’ event in May 2015.  The guide helps facilitators to run group planning sessions to map out solutions to identified barriers
  4. Using Intervention Mapping to deliver Open Access – worksheet – The participant’s sheet for the workshop as above.

Following our realignment, we are now building and sharing the experience of implementing a lifecycle approach in each institution.  Having recognised a single solution/workflow isn’t possible, instead each partner is taking the UoN flowchart and building their support services accordingly.  We will be sharing this process of tailoring, integrating with the Pathfinder community to support other institutions weave such practice into existing strutures.  Wish us well!  Let the challenges commence..