O2OA had a play date!

Ok, well not play date but it was fun (and productive).

A group of JISC Pathfinder projects met yesterday to discuss some of the OA issues faced by Modern Universities. We had all independently reached the conclusion that supporting OA without block funding (and often not in ‘research intensive universities’) offers particular challenges.  Yesterday’s workshop – genially hosted by Northumbria – aimed to look at barriers, concerns and opportunities to ‘do OA better’ in our institutions.

I suspect Northumbria will blog about this further so I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say we identified many challenges, discussed these heartily and began to plan a positive and conjoined path forward.  Joyously – much as is JISCs overall aim – discussions elicited a range of new thoughts, including the realisation that there may be a whole workstream overlooked!! It was also very valuable to have such a range of roles represented – librarians, repository officers, funding and policy, academic….(apologies for any speciality I’ve missed – I did get easily distracted by the opportunity to intervention map!!)

So just a short post from O2OA to say thanks to all, and here’s to more (coffee and croissant facilitated) co-working!