SMARTER: Project Partners

Coordinator – Coventry University, UK (COVUNI)

Coventry University has a proud tradition of providing high quality learning and applied research, and an established presence regionally, nationally and internationally with over 19,000 students and 1,800 staff. The University has established 30 applied research centres and groups in its key areas of expertise, such as Art and Design, Computing, Manufacturing, Automotive and Aerospace Engineering, Construction and Environment. The team members of this project are from the Advanced Digital Manufacturing Research Group, which is an active research unit in the areas of manufacturing information management and sustainable applications. The group includes 7 full-time researchers working for EU funded CASES, GREENet, CAP4COM, CAPP-4-SMEs, SPINOFF and SMARTER projects, and nationally funded (EPSRC) and industry funded projects. Meanwhile, the Group has been working with other relevant research groups/centres from the University in the fields of smart sensors, low impact building and distributed computing technology to support the project involving multi-disciplinary technologies.

Main team members: Professor Weidong Li, Dr Xiang Fei, Dr Sheng Wang, Dr Xin Lu, Mr Jagdees Pabla

Partner – KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (KTH)

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) has a strong research focus on the development of advanced systems for a variety of applications, and works closely with its industrial partners. Leading the KTH team, Professor Lihui Wang is at the forefront of sustainable and adaptive manufacturing, robotics, and web-based systems worldwide. He has led a number of international cooperative projects in Japan, Canada and Sweden with extensive multi-national experience. Currently, he is actively involved in FP7 GREENet project and a coordinator of FP7 CAPP-4-SMEs project. With over 20 years of manufacturing R&D experience, Professor Wang has successfully accomplished 13 sizeable collaborative projects, and published in excess of 220 scientific articles in journals, books and international conferences.

Main team members: Prof. Lihui Wang

Partner – University of SKOVDE, Sweden (HIS)

University of Skovde (HIS) is one of the most profiled universities in Sweden. The University has a strong research focus on the development of advanced software systems for a variety of applications, and works closely with its industrial partners. The HIS team to this project is active in the area of virtual manufacturing, production planning and simulation, multi-objective optimisation, decision support systems, and robotic systems. Over years, it has developed and acquired various R&D tools that are instrumental to monitoring, data analysis, planning, simulation and optimisation for balancing manufacturing production lines. The team has also developed tool-kits for sensor data collection, data analysis, information sharing, and operator assistance using hand-held devices. The HIS team of this project is led by Academic Lecturer Mr M. Holm, who has years of experiences in the above areas.

Main team members: Mr Magnus Holm

P4 – The FUndacio CIM, Spain (CIM)

TFundacio CIM was founded in 1990 as a laboratory of computer integrated manufacturing of the the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, and established as a private foundation in 2005 with its own legal identity and 62 full-time staff working in various competitive and private projects in the areas of custom product design, production, equipment development and automation. CIM has participated in a number of Framework Programs (VIIPM-SME, VI PM-PROHIPP, V PM-VJSC, SPEDEMAM, FLEXIPAINT, IV PM FLOCO) as well as in other European Programs such as Leonardo da Vinci or ESPRIT. The research team is led by Dr Daniel Cuinas, who has an extensive experience in research programmes including developing complex systems, sustainable environmental strategies, energy efficiency and new manufacturing technologies. Mr Martinez has a deep knowledge in different manufacturing solutions, performing extensive dissemination programmes and realising projects.
Main team member: Dr Daniel Cuinas


Founded in 1997, FORMTEC GmbH (FT) is a spin-off from the TU Dortmund, Germany. FT is offering services and software development for the CAD-CAM-CNC process chain. The base software product NCspeed is distributed worldwide and is capable to simulate, verify and optimise NC-code for standard milling machines. In addition, FT offers services for CAD and CAM using standard software products. The key competence of FT is an excellent knowledge about cutting techniques in combination with high skills in software development.

Main team members: Mr Reinhold Gordes

P6 – NIFES, UK (Nifes)

NIFES Consulting Group was formed over 58 years ago to advise the UK’s energy users on ways to improve efficiency. NIFES today is part of the Inenco Group, the UK’s leading energy consultancy with over 300 staff located across the country. NIFES offer a wide range of services that can help companies to do this, ranging from full Carbon Management programmes through to ongoing assistance with compliance. NIFES have over 300 people across the UK with years of industry experience and specialised expertise in all aspects of energy and carbon reduction. The team is led by Mr Donald Lack, who is Associate Director of NIFES with years of experience on energy consumption improvement for various applications

Main team members:Mr Donald Lack

P7 – Focol-earth, UK (Focol)

FOCAL Limited from UK brings together practical knowledge, experience and contacts in innovatively designing, developing and delivering energy-efficiency solutions to logistics, material development and eco-products. FOCAL has been actively working with a number of academic and industrial partners to work for various R&D projects. Mr Rod Hilditch is the Managing Director of FOCAL and has actively worked with various sizes of enterprises for sustainable solution consultancy and product design. Mr Hilditch has led FOCAL to being commissioned in the roles noted above on an increasingly wide scale and the company remains at the forefront of sustainable solutions innovation

Main team members: Mr Rod Hilditch

P8 – SWEGOn, Sweden (Swegon)

Swegon AB is based in Sweden and has important sales and distributors across the EU and the world. The production and technical development are located at five factories in Sweden, Finland and Italy. The Kvanum factory is the biggest of the factories. The massive production facility covers more than 36.000 sqm. A total of 350 persons are working at the factory in Kvanum and the factory also houses a large research and development department and modern manufacturing-related test facilities. Energy-efficient manufacturing process and system development is one of the core R&D activities in Swegon and the Kvanum factory. Case studies for the SMARTER project will be provided and researched with a strong support from R&D engineers. Mr Bohlin, who is the Senior Vice President of the Manufacturing Operation Department and has worked in different positions within production in Swegon in the past ten years.

Main team members: Mr Tobias Bohlin



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