Profile: Rosie Day

In the second of our series of profiles, we introduce Rosie, one of the social scientists on the team.

Name: Rosie Day

Specialist area: 

Domestic energy demand; fuel poverty; public perspectives on environment and energy issues; research using interviews

Where do you work? 

The School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham

What is your role within Smarter Households?

I am a social scientist which means I’m interested in social issues, people, and their experiences and what they think. I’m also interested in making sure that energy policies and new energy technologies are well designed so that they benefit as many people as possible. My role in the project is to bring that perspective to the design of the project. I also help to design the interviews and the energy challenges for households and will be very interested to see what householders tell us throughout the trial. I work closely with Georgina.

What excites you most about the project?

It has been really great to learn more about sensor systems and what they can do, and to be involved in the development of the Energy Dashboard that should help people to understand their consumption alongside the conditions in their home. I’m most excited to see how it works out in practice and what people’s thoughts are on it all when their trial it out in their homes. We hope to design something useful in the end, but we are really happy to hear people’s views and experiences whatever they are. Everyone is different and everyone’s experiences are interesting to us!