The 10 discussion themes

The 10 themes for discussion are:

  1. Openness – Open education is it the end of the campus experience?
  2. We shape our buildings and they shape us.  What learning spaces, virtual and physical, do we need for the future?
  3. Employability – should employers be co-creators of the curriculum?
  4. Students as partners – involving and engaging students, do they want to and can they ever be partners?
  5. Internationalisation of the curriculum: engaging all courses
  6. Assessment – Can assessment ever work for both staff and students?
  7. Teaching vs Research – can we be best at both?
  8. Disruptive technologies – from cutting edge to mainstream
  9. Teaching Excellence – how should we encourage, support and reward innovative teaching and learning?
  10. Is Flexibility the future?  What should institutional, pedagogical and learner flexibility look like at Coventry University?

Outputs from the sessions

7. Teaching vs Research

TL Conference - teaching vs research.jpg