CULC High Flyers Programme

Thursday 26th June, 14:00 to 14:40


John Watkins, Jo Blissett

The aim of the session is to:

  • Appreciate the background for the need to develop a postgraduate High Flyers programme at CULC to enhance the student experience;
  • Explore how the programme was developed and delivered in partnership between academic and employability teams;
  • Examine the feedback and evaluation from students, teaching fellows and employers as well as future developments for the programme.

The session will be an interactive session including a short presentation, student experience video and open discussion forum.

From attending the session, we hope that you will be able to engage in the debate about streaming students and the development of bespoke solutions. We would also welcome your feedback and suggestions about how this approach could be extended to undergraduate students and future collaborations across the Group.

Presentation from the session – CULC High Flyers No Video (2)

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  1. The collaborative approach between academic and employability teams, as well as the emphasis on gathering feedback, suggest a commitment to continuously enhancing the program and student outcomes.

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