Coventry University Add+vantage Service

Studying at Coventry has its Add+vantages!

How often have you read that some University graduates aren’t employable?

As the competition gets fiercer out there, it seems that you need more than just a degree to get a job. This is why the Add+vantage modules are designed, to help you to develop more of the practical skills and capabilities that employers are looking for.

Guest blogger Ali is here to talk about Add+vantage modules; what they are, why they are important and when you need to choose yours!

Introducing Ali,

Ali Bushnell

Hi! I am Ali Bushnell, the Student Communications Officer. My role is fully student-focused, I look at how the University can improve the way it communicates with its student body. You’ll see me out and about chatting to students, staff and the odd squirrel. I have a cat called Freddie, and I collect various forms of the PG tips ‘Monkey’ – I have over 30 different ones!

Having an extra skill can make all the difference between you and another person with the same degree going for the same job. The aim of the Add+vantage modules is to enable Coventry University students to be better prepared to ‘hit the ground running’ when they start working.

Once you are employed, you will be able to contribute to the organisation straight away as you will literally have the advantage of being prepared and able to fit into the wonderful world of work!

When the University first introduced the Add+vantage modules, they consulted with a range of stakeholder groups and employers to see what skills they would expect from prospective graduate employees. Over the years, the modules have developed to include: Effective Communication Skills, Women in Business, Volunteering in Schools, Adobe Photoshop and a whole host of language modules

With over 240 different ones to choose from, the Add+vantage modules teach a range of work experience and career development activities which will broaden your knowledge, skills and qualifications within a work-focused environment.

For example, if you’re looking towards a career in teaching you can use the Add+vantage modules to volunteer in schools. There are plenty of opportunities, from studying for a sports coaching qualification, to taking a CISCO IT qualification or sitting the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL). There are also modules in languages, global business and professional development, some modules even act as a step towards joining a graduate scheme!

Decision Time!

Eligible undergraduate students are required to choose their Optional Modules and Add+vantage Modules for 2015/16 via NOVA on the following dates:

  • Monday 13 April 2015 (10.00am) to Monday 18th May 2015 for current Stage 1 students
  • Tuesday 14 April 2015 (10.00am) to Monday 18th May 2015 for current Stage 2 and Stage 3 Placement/Sandwich students.

Because places are limited, it’s important that you secure a place on your preferred modules for 2015/16. Course teams will hold valuable briefing events about the optional modules available to you. Current students will receive information about the Add+vantage modules via their University email account or by accessing the Student Portal towards the end of March.

Remember, when you’re deciding on your Add+vantage modules, don’t look on them as an additional chore to your workload, but more as a passport to future employability. Ali x