Your ticket out of here… learning to drive

Learning to drive can be a daunting task, so we’ve sorted your options into an easy reading list. You should be able to navigate your way around it… and if not, well maybe you really do need lessons?!

So that long two-month period they call Summer is (apparently) just around the corner. Once again, you have to start planning how to keep yourself entertained over those long weekdays. Let’s face it, the weekends are the bit we all look forward to, the weekdays just seem to get in the way. So, how can you make it seem like you’re actually accomplishing something whilst still keeping yourself entertained?

Well if you’re one of our pedestrian walking types, why not try learning to drive? It’s brilliantly lazy and it’ll make those quiet Mondays and Tuesdays fly by!

The ‘Parent‘ method: 

Dad driving

This method traditionally ends up in some kind of feud, a beloved family pet getting squished or just general catastrophe… However, you can actually learn some valuable tricks from your parents! Lets face it; they’ve probably got a few years driving experience under their belts so they must know something…

It will also help you save a bit of money on ‘actual’ driving lessons, as you’ll already be familiar with the basics like where the pedals are and how to slam on the brakes in a blind panic…

The ‘Proper‘ Method:

Driving instructor

This option entails the usual process: find instructor > drive with instructor > dent instructors car… find new instructor.
If you can manage to skip the third step, you’ll soon build up a good rapport with your instructor after a few lessons, and you’ll actually be learning something.

Everything you’re learning during your sessions will help you in your test, EVEN IF IT DOESN’T SEEM LIKE IT NOW. So don’t argue, don’t say ‘my dad says…’ etc, just shut up and drive. You’ll learn way quicker by doing rather than talking anyway.

The ‘proper expensive‘ method:

Intensive driving

Now if you’re keen on learning to drive, but your enthusiasm outweighs your patience, an ‘intensive driving course‘ is the ticket for you! These courses provide a rather costly yet efficient way of legally getting behind the wheel of a car very quickly. It’ll set you back anywhere from £900 upwards for complete beginners.

This price usually includes several ‘re-test‘ attempts, so if you accidentally shoot through a red light or mount the curb you should be all right…as long as you also have a fairly good reason for it of course!

When it comes down to it, all of the above options will result in some form of positive progression towards you learning to drive. However, unless your dad’s Lewis Hamilton or your mum’s Danica Patrick, you’ll probably have to do at least a few lessons to get the gist of it. So, find out what’s right for you and stick to it, you’ll be cruising the ring road in no time!