Sore saddles and soggy sandwiches

Four of our sports therapy graduates are currently in the middle of supporting Tesco in a challenging cycling tour around the UK.

The Saddle Sore Tour has been organised by superstore Tesco employees Karl Hedley and Simon Shenton, to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK. The 20-day marathon tour will see the team cycle to 13 Tesco distribution centres across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Eire in all kinds of weather.

“A journey totalling 1400 miles, covering an average of 70 miles per day, every day, for 20 days”

The route covers 1400 miles, calling at 13 Tesco depots across the UK and Ireland
The route covers 1400 miles, calling at 13 Tesco depots across the UK and Ireland

During the planning stages of the ride, Karl and Simon quickly realised they would need to have medical support on hand.

“Both Karl and Peter (support vehicle driver) are trained first aiders but we need to look for someone with physio capabilities. I contacted Sheila Leddington-Wright who is the senior sports therapy lecturer at Coventry University. She agreed to give us advice on nutrition and injury prevention before the ride and to supply students to travel in the support vehicle behind us.”

Karl and Simon setting off on day 1
Karl and Simon setting off on day 1

Coventry’s sports therapist graduates Matt Williams and Scott Gregory, and sports therapy students Jack Steel and James Cracknell are each covering a section of the1200 mile ride. They are onboard to provide their physio skills and expertise to keep the three Tesco riders fit, healthy and on track to finish the marathon within the 20-day target. Now halfway through the trip, Matt has finished working with the team and hands the baton over to Jack:

“Day 7: Matt fitted so well into the team and gave us excellent directions as well as the treatment we needed.”

“Day 14: Today was a day of hello’s and goodbye’s. We said goodbye to Jack(until Friday) and Scotland and hello to Scott and Northern Ireland. Jack has been with us for a week and has kept us all laughing. Scott has a lot to live up to.”

The team hit Wales on day four!
The team hit Wales on day four!

Please donate as much as you can for these 2 deserving charities, all donations from small to BIG are gratefully accepted and will spur us on to complete this massive challenge.

Diabetes UK is thrilled to be working with the British Heart Foundation and Tesco in a new national charity partnership. This is a hugely exciting opportunity and we hope to help millions of people to make healthier choices. The expertise in health of both charities, together with Tesco’s ability to speak to people in communities across the UK, means we can make a positive difference.”
Barbara Young, Chief Executive Diabetes UK.

Visit the JustGiving page or donate by phone by texting BIKR67 £2 / £5 /£10 to 70070