12 icebreakers for Freshers’ week

You will meet new people constantly during Freshers’ week – from your new flatmates to your course mates and that person from Facebook you always see in the SU. But how will you bond with your university BFF? (Best Friend Forever, duh!)

You don’t always have to be playing drinking games or getting ready for a night out to get to know each other. These icebreakers are the perfect combination of fun games and cringey truths to bond over, best played with pizza and comfy pjs all round!

  • Two truths, one lie

lies animated GIF

In this game everyone has to say three statements about themselves but the catch is only two of them are true, the other one is a complete lie! It’s up to everyone else to work out which statement is false. You’ll learn about each other while having a laugh – would we lie to you?

  • Once upon a time…

hoppip animated GIF

It’s story time – take it in turns to say a word and construct your own story around the group. You’ll soon work out who’s the next J.K. Rowling and who just can’t resist saying ‘poo’ at every opportunity.

  • Sweet introductions

food animated GIF

Put that student loan to good use and buy enough packs of sweets for everyone. Then for each type or colour of sweet assign a topic. For example, an M&M is your favourite memory and a Skittle is your favourite place on earth.

Grab a handful of random sweets and introduce yourself with a fact for each sweet you have in your hand. This also works with Skittle Vodka… Just so you know.

  • Did you know? Bingo

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Warning: bingo can get pretty intense! Write down 5 interesting facts, which can be as funny or weird as you want, in a bingo-style grid. Give everyone a bingo sheet and then the race is on to find a person’s signature for each fact. Once someone has achieved a full row, they’ve got to shout BINGO!

  • Would you rather…?

star trek animated GIF

Would you rather have fingers the size of legs or legs the size of fingers? This game really addresses the difficult questions in life and will teach you a lot about how people’s brains work. Start by asking ridiculous questions and you’ll be debating for hours!

  • Never ever have I ever..

reaction animated GIF

The classic drinking game is a perfect icebreaker with everyone taking turns to say something they’ve never done. Everyone starts with 10 fingers showing and every time someone says something you’ve done, you drop a finger and take a shot. As you get to know each other, you can just guarantee it’s only going to go one way…

  • Musical chairs

cat animated GIF

We’re bringing back the childhood classic! Stick on some Swifty and boogie to Beyoncé, while battling for the right to win a chair! You may end up sat on someone’s lap but it’s all about getting to know each other. 

  • Who am I?

zoolander animated GIF

Have you got your stationary prepared? Grab your post-it notes and get sticking them to foreheads! Everyone has to write down a famous person’s name on a post-it and stick it on someone else. Everyone then asks the group questions to work out which celeb they are!

  • Charades

television animated GIF

Don’t laugh at the idea – you’ll be surprised how different this game can be when you’re playing with fellow Freshers rather than Great-Aunt Pam. Just think, how would you act out Game of Thrones or 50 Shades?

  • 21

Counting to 21 may seem simple but spice up the numbers by throwing in the challenge of telling a truth or completing a dare. Everyone takes it in turn to count towards 21 with a maximum of three consecutive numbers, and whoever lands on the dreaded 21 has to perform the forfeit.

  • Paranoia

glee animated GIF

All eyes will be on you with paranoia! Start by choosing two people in the group: one person will whisper a question, such as ‘who do you think is the funniest?’ and the other person will answer by pointing to the person they think.

The person pointed at can only discover what the question was by completing a forfeit or taking a drink. No one can resist finding out what people think about them! Just remember to play nice. You’re 18, not 8.

  • Dancing chain

dance animated GIF

Want to find out who is the best dancer? The first person needs to introduce a dance move and then the next people in the chain have to copy their dance before adding their own move.

Whether you’re moonwalking or doing the Carlton dance, you’ll be laughing guaranteed.

Please remember to drink responsibly if you do involve alcohol in any of these icebreakers. Have fun!