5 Ice breakers to get you through freshers week

University can be a big step in the life of a student. It’s a new start with a chance for you to meet a range of people from different walks of life. It can even be a chance for you to reinvent yourself as a person. With Freshers’ week almost upon us, Coventry graduate turned UnCOVered blogger Rhys has come up with his top tips for ice breakers and easing you into that first stage of friendship with your new peers. Check them out below!

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice! (A joke will always be the number 1 ice breaker, no?!). Here are some more ideas that helped get me through uni:

Bring a door stop


This is a key way to let your new housemates know you’ve moved into your new home and you’re ready to socialise. By doing this you’re giving your housemates the idea that you’re approachable and people will be more likely to pop in and say hello! Please do not prop open fire doors. These are clearly labelled and should remain closed at all times. Fire doors found propped open could result in a fine.

Join a society


On the off chance you don’t hit it off with your new housemates (which is highly unlikely) a good way to meet people is by joining a society. Societies allow you to meet like-minded people with generally the same interests as you! More information regarding sports and societies can be found by following the links.

Gaming wall chart


For those with a more competitive nature to them, a good ice breaker is to place a wall chart on your front door challenging your housemates to some kind of game. Whether it be student favourite FIFA (many friendships were made and lost with this game), or even a game of table tennis, a challenge to your housemates is a good way to get through that initial meeting stage and again shows you can be approached.



Cake is always a good way to show a person you like them! Everyone loves cake, so why not offer a piece to your new housemates as a peace offering (no pun intended). With your door being wedged open with your new door-stop, what better way to show you’re ready and willing to make friends?!

Good body language and just being a lovely person!


Probably the first rule in the unwritten book of friendship is that positive body language will go a long way. Get your smile out and be positive, because I can assure you a happy face will go a long way! It’s nice to be nice. So if you spot a fellow Fresher in need of some assistance, whether it be a pen, help with directions, or even a cup of sugar, by helping your peers out you’re sure to hit it off with your new housemates.