10 Things Nobody Tells You About Leaving Home!

University life will bring with it a lot of firsts, (hopefully including a 1st class degree at the end of it!), and for those of you moving into the city, it will most likely be your first time living away from home.

This is one of the biggest and best steps you’ll take in your university experience.
The fun!
The freedom!

…But what about certain elements you may not have even thought about?

1. All that independence!

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Leaving home for university is the first leap into the big, wide world! So, when you’re not in class, or studying hard of course, the world really is your oyster (and all those other clichĂ© sayings)! Exciting and scary at the same time, being independent can become a bigger deal than you first thought. Make sure you allow yourself to adapt and use your time wisely. Maybe don’t just sit in your pants streaming TV shows!

2. WOW! This bill is in MY name!

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SHOCK HORROR! You now have to pay for your own stuff! Unless the bank of mum and dad are particularly generous, bills are going to start appearing just for you! Food, gym memberships, subscriptions, phone bills, TV license – it’s great being a grown up isn’t it…

3. This washing won’t do itself, you know!

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You arrive at your new student home with a suitcase, or cases, full of fresh, clean threads. Two weeks in, you start turning your socks inside out, and attempt to get away with wearing a pyjama top under your jacket! To avoid this not so uncommon scenario, get used to washing your own clothes, pronto!

4. There will always be ‘that messy housemate’!

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Depending on how much of a clean freak you are will determine just how annoying this may get! Those communal areas of student accommodation could well start looking like a war zone, thanks to THAT messy housemate! If you’re now sat there a few weeks in thinking, “actually, everyone else here seems pretty tidy”, then THAT messy housemate could in fact be YOU!

5. “My room, my space” has never been so relevant!

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The escapism of your own room was that personal little haven when you were at home, and this is no different when in your new accommodation. Your student bedroom becomes a mini house in one space, and will take on many forms. Be it a place to sleep, not sleep, eat, study, chill, build a fort – take the time to make the place your own… THAT messy housemate will not be able to invade this space!

6. Your parents are no longer your wake up call!

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In what could be seen as a slight downside to your new independence, unless you’re a real morning person, waking up on time to get to class may become a bit of a struggle! The folks won’t be there to shout and drag you into the shower. Ensure you have an alarm that works for you, and have a friend as back up if the ‘shout and drag’ is necessary!

7. Perhaps you should have cooked at least ONCE before leaving!

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There can only be so many times you attempt/fail at a spaghetti bolognese and end up grabbing a take-away! Although your cooking skills will improve during your time at university, it may have been best to take up your family member’s offer of showing you the culinary ropes! Take-aways can be expensive you know!

8. Potential new hobbies!

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A new city, new home, new surroundings – new hobbies? Spending some of your free time on and off campus will provide you with opportunities to develop new hobbies and skills. Getting involved with a society is a great way to do this, but why not also join a club, try out some new sports, or just hone in on your games console skills? It’s up to you.

9. Money doesn’t grow on trees!

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Gone are the days of weekly pocket money and your Gran giving you a pound to ‘”not spend all at once!” Although your student finance going in is like having a mini Christmas three times a year, your money can go VERY quickly if you’re not careful. Annoyingly enough, it does need to be spent on living essentials as well as nice treats. Don’t allow yourself to learn the hard way. Start becoming a budgeting pro early on to impress family and friends.

10. It’s great to go back!

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As wonderful and exciting as it is leaving home and making it on your own at university, you will really grow to appreciate how great you also had it back at home. Those trips back to see loved ones during study breaks and holidays will hopefully become another highlight – as long as they haven’t already converted your room into a gym or an office!