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GLP student successes – Hope Springs

Our Global Leaders Programme (GLP) is a vital starting block for international entrepreneurs. We caught up with one of our successful participants who has gone on to make a real difference to his home country.

International Business student Kevin Doddamani took part in the programme during 2011-2012. Since graduation, Kevin has used the skills he learnt through GLP set up ‘Hope springs‘, a charity organisation bringing fresh water and medical camps to Bangalore.

Hope Springs aims to negate the sense of despair among the voiceless in our country, stemming from ill-health, poverty, old age and the like, through radical, rational and revolutionary means.By and large, community development has been neglected and the basic right to Water, Information, Sanitation, and Healthcare (WISH) has been disregarded in many villages, orphanages and old age homes in and around the state. Hope Springs was formed on the firm foundation of young and innovative thinking to find sustainable solutions to these problems and lift families and individuals out of poverty, in addition to raising awareness about the livelihoods of many rural Indian families.

Hope Springs

Why did you decide to apply to the global leaders programme?

Witnessing seminars from some of the most successful entrepreneurs gave me an insight into how they have been able to achieve their goals and approach targets. Also, the chance to be a part of the international trips where you get hands on experience of different cultures and how they work, really excited me. [The GLP] gave me a better understanding of working and networking with different cultures, which was what I was aiming to achieve by the end of the programme.”

What did the GLP teach you about other cultures?

[Learning about] cultures taught me many things, some of which can be the way some people approach work, tasks and responsibilities. Interacting with people from different cultures has taught me to respect the way people work, although it might not be according to what you want it to be. For example: I had the opportunity to lead a team with people from various cultures, backgrounds as part of my MBA course in Coventry. It really pushed me to be clear, precise and to the point of what our team needed to achieve and what our individual responsibilities were. Sometimes following simple guidelines solves 90 percent of the problems that you can face while working with people from different cultures.”

Did the programme help you with your main studies?

Absolutely! The seminars and activities that I attended opened my mind about how people deal with situations in the real world. Before starting my MBA I worked with Reuters News as a journalist, this gave me only certain exposure to leadership, but the seminars have taught me a lot which I could apply while leading different groups during course work projects and also while being Deputy Faculty Chair for BES. I could see how I was able to approach certain tasks more effectively. At the end of the day its what you do with what you learn. You’ve got to make sure you’re not just taking in information but also utilising it in the work that you do.”

What global entrepreneurial skills did you gain through the GLP?

Networking, strategy, team work, time management and decision making.”

How did the programme give you the confidence to set up your own business?

I always wanted to start something of my own. I had the confidence that I would someday be able to set up an organisation that I am passionate about. For me it was all about seeing results with my own eye. So the GLP definitely added to that confidence and I know I’ve been able to benefit a lot through the program and build myself as a leader.”

How did gaining international experience through trips help you with your career?

The work I currently do involves interacting with people from across the world. The trips helped me identify different work cultures, quality standards and adopting successful models to help the growth of your organisation.”

What would you say to students considering applying for the GLP?

The GLP works wonders. The amount of exposure you get is unlimited. I wish I could spend another year attending those seminars so I could learn more from experts who share their insights and success stories. Definitely worth the money and time spent in each one of those seminars and trips to various organisations.”

Finally, if you had to describe the GLP in three words – what would they be?

Building today’s leaders!”

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