What Does #CapableOfEverything Mean To Coventry Students?

You might have noticed that this year we’ve been running the #CapableOfEverything campaign. We wanted to promote the idea among students, that you can achieve your goals no matter the size. From the infamous 9am lecture, to cake baking (watch this space), and even to paralympic glory.

We’ve spent a lot of time showing what we think it means, but more than anything we want to know: what does #CapableOfEverything mean to Coventry’s students?

We’re drawing near to the end of another Freshers’ week. And in the midst of the action we found a whole lot of students willing to talk to us about their experiences so far, and what the campaign means to them.

 Alice 2nd year Geography


Alice is part of the Geography society, which there is still time to join if you missed them at the societies fair.

Euan 1st year Business Management


Euan was one of many first years to receive one of the mini #CapableOfEverything boards through the post, so he’d heard of the campaign when we pounced on him!

Lily 1st year Nutrition and Health


Lily’s full quote was pretty inspirational:

As humans we are resilient and we have capabilities beyond our own understanding. If we can tap into that then we really are capable of anything. It makes me think of the things I want: I don’t have them now, but I will have them”.

Evie 2nd year Disaster Management and Emergency Planning


Evie is in the International Disaster Concern society. If you missed them at the fair head to the SU to find out more about them.

Beltechi CUC Business Foundation


You might not know that Coventry University has a place where you can study Foundation and Access to Higher Education courses. Find out more here.

Ade 2nd year Aerospace Systems Engineering


 Josephine 3rd year Dietetics and Zac 2nd year Computer Science


Josephine and Zac are members of Coventry’s Jewish society. Josephine’s full quote really reflects what we hoped ‘Capable of Everything’ would mean to people:

There’s nothing holding you back. You can succeed regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, anything.”

We really enjoyed meeting so many students at the Freshers’ fairs. And thank you to everyone who gave us their time. It’s great to know that Coventry students feel empowered by this message, and we hope you all feel supported, no matter the size or scale of your ambitions.

If you’d like to know more about the #CapableOfEverything campaign, or you have any thoughts, get in touch via the comments below, or social media.