How To Beat Freshers’ Flu

Ah Freshers’ Flu, that age old ailment that comes from drinking on a pot noodle-lined stomach, and being overly ‘friendly’. It’s seen as an unavoidable rite of passage, the first stage to becoming a ‘real’ student. You’ll mark your hall-territory with vomit stains and smeared lipstick marks, and then cry down the phone to your mum!

Or… not.

Freshers’ flu is, (believe it or not), not a compulsory part of Freshers’ week – or indeed your first year at university. In the majority of cases it’s not even the flu; just a week of symptoms caused by being extremely run down, having knocked your immune system for six and therefore making you prone to infection. Usually the ‘flu’ consists of any or all of the following: a cold, a sore throat, a fever, headaches, coughing and/or shivering. Vile, but not life threatening.


Still, it does make your induction week a lot less exciting if instead of joining in the first class discussions, picking your modules and getting to know everyone, you’re hiding under the desk holding your head and crying for a Mars bar. (It helps hangovers, trust me.) So we’ve put together a list of ways to survive this ‘flu’ and cure it in time to enjoy your first few induction weeks.


Match every alcoholic drink with water. It sounds boring, but will really help lessen your headache in the morning. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating, add that to sweaty nightclubs and writhing bodies and you’ll quickly lose charge faster then an iPhone battery. Keep hydrated and not only will your skin and various organs thank you but you’ll also find that you’ll be flushing out all the nasty toxins before they have chance to take hold. Yes, by flushing out I mean having a wee. Come on, we’re all adults here…



Drink water, AGAIN! And in between the water drinking, drink a sugary drink. The bubbles help to settle any tummy trouble, and the sugar will give you some energy.

If you take pain-killers usually, then now is the time to take some paracetamol! This wonder drug is perfect for freshers’ flu symptoms. It reduces your temperature and makes the body less aware of pain and illness, allowing it to recover without fighting so hard. For my peace of mind please check that you are not allergic to it before taking some.

Ibuprofen: FYI ibuprofen is for aches and cramps, not so good on the headaches and sickness. And only take it on a full stomach! And so long as you are not allergic.

And finally, to BED. Resting your body is the best treatment, especially if you can take a night off between your wild nights out. Hint: Not drinking so much that you vomit may also help, just sayin’…


Stick to this guide and you’ll survive a lot longer then most; and may the odds be ever in your favour. Let us know how you’re coping with Freshers’ Flu in the comments section below!