Food UnCOVered: Easter Bakes

With Easter fast approaching, and the idea of a weekend full of chocolate firm on everyone’s minds, we’re dedicating this episode of Food UnCOVered to delicious Easter bakes that we recommend trying this Spring!

If you’re hosting an Easter party, looking to show off to your friends and family, have a huge sweet tooth or fancy making something for someone special, we’ve put together some great Easter bakes to get you hopping in to the kitchen.

Let’s get to it shall we…

Chocolate cornflake cake egg baskets


Let’s kick things off with an Easter classic: nests filled with Mini Eggs! Simply melt together 225g of milk chocolate with 50g of butter, allow it to cool slightly and then mix it with 75g of cornflakes. Dollop some of the mixture into a cupcake case and shape a little dent in the middle to hold your eggs. Then place 3 or 4 (or however many you want, we won’t judge) in the middle of your baskets and pop them in to the fridge to set. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Easter egg biscuits


These are a great treat to get creative with! A standard biscuit recipe will do the trick here, then all you need to do is shape them into Easter eggs and get yourself some icing pens, or make your own icing and using a piping bag if you’ve got them skills.

Cream egg brownie

giphy (26)

A perfect match in our opinion. Whip up your favourite chocolate brownie recipe, cut some cream eggs in half and lay them, yolk side up, on top of the brownie mix before it goes in the oven. Chocolate heaven.


giphy (29)

Pavlova is a great summer dish that goes perfectly alongside any BBQ or gathering. If you’re looking to feed a group this Easter, why not give this a go? Crunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle please!

Hot cross bunsrecipe-image-legacy-id--932539_11

Every year, as soon as the Valentine’s chocolate has left the shelves, out come the choccie eggs and hot cross buns! But have you ever tried to make your own? It’s a sure fire way of impressing your friends and family over the Spring.

Mini egg bark

giphy (27)

Chocolate mini eggs, mixed with more chocolate to form the most amazing chocolate bark? Go on then! Melt 300g white chocolate, then pour on to some grease proof paper, chop up your mini eggs, but leave some whole and then crumble over the gooey chocolate and pop it in to the fridge. Once it’s cooled, cut or break in to odd shapes and sizes and make your own wrapping with greaseproof paper that you can then give as an Easter gift!

If your mouth isn’t watering and your sweet tooth isn’t calling out for treats, you need help. If you’re looking for other inspiration over Easter, perhaps some gifts to give to the loved ones, check out Joe’s awesome list of gifts that won’t break your budget!

Have any recipes you think we should know about? We’d love to hear from you either via Social Media or in the comments below!