Food UnCOVered: Brain-boosting brunches to get you through exams

When it comes to exam revision, it’s not what you know, it’s what food you’ve eaten that morning to get your brain ticking! Knowing stuff helps (a lot) too though.

There was a time when few people knew of this thing we call… brunch…


But it’s almost impossible to imagine now, that people might not spend their weekends ‘smashing’ avocados and running their knife across a poached egg to check what a good job they’ve made of the yolk…


And what better way to soothe your poor achey exam/coursework brain than with an Omega-3-loaded, vitamin and mineral-heavy brunch fest – maybe even with a fancy cappuccino on the side?


OK, let’s get serious…

Recipe 1 – Salmon and poached eggs (18)

One of the best things about brunch, is that there isn’t really a lot of ‘cooking’ involved. It’s more about getting the best ingredients you can and putting them together in the right way. Smoked salmon is packed with vitamins, protein and omega-3 which will definitely aid in keeping your brain engaged! Grab yourself a couple of eggs and poach them perfectly to enjoy alongside the tasty salmon. If you’re needing a little extra something to make this a more filling meal, go for a good carb like sourdough as it’s way better for you than most breads and won’t leave you feeling too full.

Recipe 2 – Pancakes (13)

Pancakes? Yes, we are really telling you to start your day with deliciousness! Simply add 1 banana, 4 tablespoons of oats, 1 egg and 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder (if you can use the good, organic, healthy stuff…cacao) to a blender, or mix it all up by hand, and you have a really tasty pancake batter. Make these in to a stack of medium sized bad boys and top with fresh berries and honey. Packed full of goodness, the guilt free treats will give you energy and help you stay focused all morning long.

Recipe 3 – Almond butter and banana (16)

Nuts and grains have so many healthy benefits and having these at the start of the day will definitely give you a great boost of energy. Again, using sourdough or a multi-grain bread for your toast, top with almond butter (you can make your own, or find it in most supermarkets), then slice a banana and layer on top.

Recipe 4 – Smoothie (15)

Fruit is obviously good for you, but sometimes too much of it can be a bit of a sugar overload! Make smoothies that incorporate both fruit and veg to make sure you don’t crash later on. Put in some flax seed and chia seeds to really give yourself an organic energy boost. If you like creamy smoothies, get avocado in there wherever you can. If you have a sweet tooth, use almond milk, banana, peanut butter (the healthy kind) and cacao powder to give the illusion you’re sipping on a peanut butter and chocolate shake! Try and put spinach in to them too, it doesn’t affect the taste, but will give you more energy.

Recipe 5 – Spinach omelette

giphy (32)

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, so break three eggs into a bowl and whisk together seasoning with a little salt and pepper. Add some butter to a pan and melt, then pour in your egg mix. When almost cooked sprinkle over loads of spinach and pop under the grill to wilt. This recipe combines two great ingredients full of nutrients and brain potion, enjoy!

Recipe 6 – Overnight oats (17)

Overnight oats are rapidly becoming a staple go to healthy breakfast. The good thing about these before a day of revising is that you’ll have done all the hard work the night before, giving you more time to get stuck in to your books! Mix together 1 cup of oats, with 1 cup of milk, 1 tablespoon of Greek yogurt and a pinch of cinnamon. Use this as your base mixture and you can add pretty much what you like! Try throwing in some flaked almonds and seeds to give it more of a bircher muesli vibe, or stir in some fresh berries to zing it up a bit. Store it in an airtight container or jar overnight and it’ll be good to go come the morning time.

That’s a week’s worth (because you need a day of rest) or brain-boosting brunches that we highly recommend for optimum revision power. We hope this has got you motivated to get up and start the day right before a big session with the books.