7 Festival Essentials

With festival season just getting started, we want to make sure you’re fully prepared! Whether you’re in it for the long-haul and camping, or if you’re just attending for the day, consider these festival essentials when packing for your adventure:

1. Wellies:glastonbury mud

Let’s start with the basics, wellies are pretty much a necessity with any UK festival thanks to this indecisive weather we seem to be having. Update: it’s HOT. If you already have a pair, make sure you check for holes before packing them this time around. Glastonbury had one of it’s muddiest years last June, you certainly wouldn’t want to get caught short with your footwear in thick, sticky mud.

2. Portable battery pack/phone charger: giphy (3)

In this day and age, mobile phones don’t tend to have much battery life… especially our beloved smartphones. Get yourself a decent battery pack to take with you that will ensure you’re contactable throughout the festival, and so you can take some pictures of your favourite artists or snap a few selfies with your fellow festival goers.

3. Pac-A-Mac or Poncho: singing in the rain

It’s always a good port of call to be prepared for any weather that may be thrown at you during a festival. In just one day you can experience heavy rain, wind and then glorious sunshine! So with that in mind, waterproof layers are a must. They’re even better if they can fit in to a small bag.

4. Hand Sanitiser:hygiene

Need we go in to detail? Even when having the time of your life in the outdoors, it’s always necessary to be hygienic.

5. Head Torch: Flashlight

This one is mainly for the campers among us! Getting back to your tent in the dark can be a dangerous task, especially if you’re a bit unsteady. Take a head torch with you so you can safely make it back to your site, then once you’re back, it will come in handy whilst you rummage around and get yourself ready for bed!

6. Toilet Paper/Tissues:

bunny loo roll

All festivals have different set ups when it comes to toilets, but it’s never a bad idea to be more prepared by having loo roll or plenty of tissues in your bag! It’s also great to help out friends or other people queuing for the facilities too!

7. Accessories: Festival fancy dress

Everyone likes to look their best at a festival, yet so many have different themes and vibes! Whether it’s funky face-paint, epic sunglasses, a cool hat or fancy dress, get involved for the day! Some events announce their themes ahead of the event, so keep an eye out! If you need any inspiration or ideas, check out this Pinterest Page.

There’re so many amazing festivals to come this year. From Godiva right here in Cov, to Glasto, and on to Benicassim in Spain – there’s a variety of events across the globe! If you fancy getting yourself a ticket to any, you can find a full list with all of the dates and info on efestivals.

We’re excited to announce Coventry University are the official sponsors of Godiva Festival this year! This free festival (yep FREE!) is held every year in the War Memorial Park. There’s a great lineup, family friendly events, food stalls galore, and some secrets to be revealed from us soon!