3 Things That Make Coventry University Teachers Stand Out

coventry-student-vloggerMy name is Diana, you might have read my last blog about what a day is like when you’re living the student life? Or you might have seen my university life vlog on YouTube (if you haven’t, check them out!).

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Today, in light of Coventry’s brilliant TEF results, I wanted to talk about my lecturers. For Advertising and Marketing students like me, what we learn is divided by two major themes. The first, Creativity and Imagination, find their way into modules such as ‘Applied Advertising’ and ‘Campaign Management’. While the second, Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills, can be discovered through ‘Marketing Research’ or ‘Marketing Management’ modules.

The common ground, in a course such as Advertising and Marketing, can be found in its teachers. At its core, teachers distinguish themselves through talent and experience but, they also resemble each other through their passion and devotion.

This blog post displays the commitment teachers show every day to our course, this University, and its students; by exemplifying the key factors that demonstrate their abilities and loyalty to their profession.

1. Passion

When mentioning passion or devotion, for teaching Marketing, I can only imagine a single person that carries those attributes, and that is one of my Campaign Management lecturers.

It is never an easy task to make a subject interesting to young adults, it is even harder to hold their attention for more than five minutes. However, when he speaks, it is like the entire room belongs to him.

Students give their undivided attention to him, not because they feel obligated but because the passion with which he speaks captures everyone’s thoughts.

From jokes about attendance to bizarre real-life examples, his module eases students in, and makes each lecture a memory worth holding on to. This demonstrates to me why we have been awarded ‘gold’ in today’s results, as I myself am more than happy with the people that we’re lucky enough to call teachers.

2. Experience in the industry

Along with our lecturers’ interest in Advertising and Marketing, comes experience in these industries. I am lucky to be taught by PR experts, people who have worked in agencies, the marketing department of schools, famous beer companies and in other areas relevant to my future career.

Years of experience are willingly shared with students, in order to demonstrate that the theoretical parts of Marketing we study are actually used on a daily basis by companies. As students, it’s natural to question the relevance of some topics teachers deliver to us, however, in this case we all seem to agree that the staff make their subject interesting, and that their expertise is of superior quality!

3. Encouraging our future prospects

“You are really talented.”

“I really want you to get this placement!”

“I want you to succeed.”

“I want you to get that first.”

“I believe in you.”

Not all teachers will take the time to point out how good you are or how much potential you have. These teachers will.

I hope I’ve shed some light into what Advertising and Marketing teachers at Coventry are really like. You can only witness it first-hand if you actually join the course 😉