A day in the life of a student…

I bet you think you know everything there is to know by now. Surely you believe you’re ready for university life but, ARE YOU REALLY? I’m Diana, I’m about to start my placement year before finishing my Advertising and Marketing degree here in Coventry. And I am here to tell you what a day in the life of a student is actually like. No lies, no made up stories, just the truth.

So, let’s begin.

1. Early mornings

I don't wanna leave my bed

7 AM – Get used to waking up at this hour, especially if you have the ‘famous’ 9 AM lectures and need at least one hour to get dressed.

Breakfast– It should be something you take very seriously. However, you won’t always have time for it so, coffee will become your best friend.

2. Arriving at your lectures and seminars

Finding your building and allocated room always feels like a treasure hunt – until you get to know the buildings, which you will. Still, the minute you see a familiar face you know you’re in the right place.Where am I?

During your lectures and seminars – You’ll have a handful of lecturers and no problem remembering their names. However, if you want your name to be remembered you will have to do more than turn up to class.

Many prefer to stay quiet, pay attention and get good grades, but you should consider showing off your knowledge and experience. Lecturers will give you the opportunity to do this and appreciate your collaboration to the topics discussed.

3. Lunch

Unless you feel like cooking at seven in the morning and making your own food, a £1 baguette or a Subway sandwich will probably suffice, otherwise, your day will be very long.


4. Breaks

You will have lots of these, sometimes an hour and sometimes even 3. Try to adjust, it’s not like a break is ever really a bad thing.

Options  If you think waiting for three hours is not something you’re interested in, then you should consider these other options:

You could stay at the library – absolutely!

You could even go home, have lunch and come back.

Or… you could choose to do something more productive.

I’ve always chosen the latter.

I decided to take advantage of my free-time and the opportunities provided to enhance my CV, by volunteering at two local libraries. I became an IT tutor to elders at Central Library and occasionally a Library Assistant at Earlsdon Community Library.

These are activities that occupy my time in between lectures but, also on the weekends.

5. The end of your day

It should be something you’re proud of. Look back at everything you’ve done and celebrate your achievements.
But don’t forget to prepare yourself for the next day, do your reading, print your notes and be one step ahead of the rest of your classmates.


I hope this has been helpful and informative. If you’re interested in activities outside of your course, remember there are numerous opportunities on campus and around the city that you can benefit from. You can read more about how to become a volunteer in our blog.
And if you’ve only just decided you want to apply for uni this year, you’re cutting it fine, but there’s still time. Coventry have created a complete UCAS guide, that’ll help you with your application no matter where in the process you are. Best of luck!