Thinking about Cov Uni? Here’s why it could cost less than you think!

My name’s Kyle and as a third year Journalism student at Coventry University, I can tell you that money can get tight when you’re living the student dream.

Working hard at the mixing desk

Luckily at Coventry there are a whole bunch of money saving benefits that come from the University! They are called the ‘No Hidden Extras’. So, here’s what you get:

  • all your core textbooks for free
  • free UK trips that are part of your course
  • enough printer credits to cover 1000 sheets of paper
  • and no tuition fees during an international study year or work placement year.
Escaping some of the costs

During my time at uni I’ve never had to pay for a textbook, which is great because those things can be SUPER expensive! Like the cost of a new phone expensive.

Plus, during my course I’ve gone on trips to parliament, journalistic conferences, crown courts, and even done live reports from vote counts without having to pay for a single trip. This has allowed me to build industry contacts and gain a lot more practical experience as a reporter.

Exploring Lund in Sweden

As for the printer credits, I’ve never run out of credits so I’ve always been able to print everything I need with no issue. Whether it’s multiple copies of a 10-page essay, pages from online textbooks, pages upon pages of memes to leave around the house to annoy your housemates – all the essentials.

The year abroad
Lund Cathedral

The last one is pretty great as well: no course fees if you do an optional year abroad or placement year. I chose to take advantage of this and went to study in Sweden for a year! While there, I had my full student loan/grant and didn’t have to give any money at all to Coventry University or the university I was studying at. Which means all the money I got that year was mine to do with as I pleased. I even got free language lessons through the University to help me learn Swedish before I left. If you’d like to do a year abroad, the best people to go and speak to, are the ‘CGE’ (Centre for Global Engagement).

No Hidden Extras has relieved a lot of the pressures that I might have otherwise felt during my time at university.