University Mental Health Day and Physical Activity

As it’s University Mental Health Day, the team at CU Sport & Recreation thought they’d discuss the positive impact physical activity can have on a person’s mental wellbeing.

In today’s modern society, we have all been made aware that physical activity strongly impacts our health.  The messages have been clear that being active is important in terms of managing weight and preventing chronic illness. However, now and more than ever, obesity and other health problems are on the increase.

We all know that being physically active is good for our bodies. But our physical health and mental health are closely linked. So physical activity can be very beneficial for our mental health and wellbeing too.

What does being physically active mean?

We all have different reasons for being active. The types of activity we do vary but can include:

  • Physical activity. This can describe anything we do that involves moving our bodies.
  • Exercise. Any physical activity could be considered exercise, but when we talk about doing exercise we usually mean activities we do deliberately for fitness or training, rather than something that’s part of our daily routine.
  • Sport. Sport usually refers to physical activities we do on our own or in a team for competition or for fun. People working in the sport and leisure industries use the word in its broadest sense, including activities such as tennis, athletics, swimming, keep-fit or even Zumba classes.

As a society, we often think as body and mind as being two separate things. However, how you treat your body can have a great effect on your mind. Mental wellbeing often means feeling good – both about yourself and about the world around you. It means being able to get on with life in the way you want to. It is often said that people can benefit from regular exercise, with it also decreasing anxiety. Adults can really benefit from moderate to intense aerobic activity – such as fast walking, cycling or a fitness class a week.

We at CU Sport & Recreation pride ourselves on offering the best for students and staff, when it comes to recreational activities.

The team are determined to ensure that our members pursue healthier habits during their time on campus. We want to make sure everyone feels part of the university community with active health and fitness, aimed at all levels and capabilities, we have a wide range of activities to suit everyone.

At Coventry University Sport and Recreation Centre, we have a substantial number of group exercise classes as part of our Active Life program. With a range of both instructor-led and virtual classes, we offer cardio and toning classes such as Active Pump, HITT, Cycle, TRX, to dance fitness and flexibility programs such as Zumba, Pound and Yoga. We present something for everyone for all levels and abilities. The benefits of group exercise include exposure to a social and fun environment, a safe and effectively designed workout, a consistent exercise schedule and accountability factor for participating in exercise.

Our team support members in taking part in physical activity and regular exercise and host a range of competitions and tournaments suitable for all levels of fitness. This makes sure that exercise is a fun part of your everyday life by gaining self-confidence, getting out to socialise, and even thinking smarter to make better choices for you.

Feel happier and have a positive outlook! For more information on CU Sport & Recreation, visit our website or call the team on 024 7765 5993.

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