Why I love Coventry University

MSc Oil and Gas Management Student Ugo Nwagboh was keen to talk to the UnCOVered team about his experience as a postgrad at Cov Uni.

Life is hard to define. Is it lazing around on campus lawns with friends, is it reading the student newspaper in the campus coffee shop, or is it mainly late nights in the library finishing your assignments? The truth is – student life is different for everyone, which is why when it comes to picking your choice of school and what you intend to study, the process can be very challenging.

For me, the following was no exception; from picking a university to what I intended to study which would not only be relevant but would also provide me with the relevant skill set that would make standout amongst employers when seeking employment. During the course of my research trying to know more about various cities and its cultures and also their system of education to aid in cementing my decision, I met with an agent who told me about Coventry university and promised to assist me in gaining admission to Coventry university for a small fee. I already had an idea about what I wanted to study – I just needed a little guidance. What solidified my decision to study at Coventry University was the positive things alumni’s said about the university and the course as a whole.

I was skeptical at first

Fast forward to 22nd January 2018, when lectures started, skeptical at first but I decided to keep an open mind about what Coventry had to offer in relation to their system of education, student life, cultural values of the city and the way of life of its people. The first few nights in Coventry were rough due to the fact that the weather was not pleasant and I had to adjust to such harsh weather conditions. From there henceforth, the experience has been wonderful, from the teaching experience which was better than I expected to the student life which is awesome because Coventry University makes it easy for students to connect and find their similar interests from the various functions and programs that are being organized by the university aimed at bringing people from different cultures together to share their views on life. It’s not been all fun, from the endless nights in the library to coursework deadlines and not to forget having to wake up early for lectures during the winter season! But all in all – the experience alongside the people and its culture are contributory factors that will help prepare me as an individual for the journey ahead and also influence my attitude towards life generally.

The experience has been wonderful

The experience in Coventry has been very wonderful alongside experiencing some challenges in terms of changing my environment because I had to adjust and adapt to my new environment which was kind of difficult with the unstable weather conditions in England and even to the driving and road system. Another challenge is in terms of research is the adaptation to turnitin as a means of plagiarism check which I have not been exposed to, though efficient sometimes makes carrying out the research much more difficult. The social life in Coventry also does not fail to disappoint because there is something for everyone from the different variety of restaurants, pubs, night clubs, arcade game centers, bowling arena, ice skating ring, karaoke joint and other which are not mentioned but stresses my point that there is something for everyone.

As one of the leading institutions in the UK, I would personally recommend Coventry University to friends and family because I would want them to benefit from the various opportunities which Coventry offers and that I am currently benefitting from. Also, when compared to some other cities – Coventry is relatively affordable in terms of tuition and living expenses in general. To prospective students, who are looking to apply for Coventry University or for those who have already been given admission to study at this wonderful institution. At the end of the day, studying at Coventry University changes you as an individual making you highly competent in terms of arming you with the right set of skills to enable you stand out amongst your peers.

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