From Business Administration Graduate to Communications Director – My Story

Coventry University Business Administration graduate Cindy Chee, discusses her journey of how she got from being a Coventry University graduate to becoming a Communications Director for one of the largest and luxurious boutique chains – Cartier in Hong Kong.

Cindy explained that the life lesson Coventry University taught her was that experience gains credibility in the workplace.

Over 14 years, Cindy has held a number of senior roles at luxury brand firms including S.T. Dupont, Baume and Mercier, Richemont Commercial Co. Ltd. and Jaeger LeCoultre. It was working for these premium companies that she was able to practice applying communications and marketing strategies, before starting at Cartier in 2016.

“Hi, my name’s Cindy Chee and this is my story…

Determination to reach your dreams is important. I didn’t divert or dilute my dream, although the path towards this goal was never an easy, smooth one.  Anyone can be easily carried away to new priorities or ideas, but I was too stubborn with my personal goal.

I learnt in the world of reality, it’s all about accumulated work experience, and taking the opportunities given to you. I am the one who holds the responsibility of my own achievements, and having a positive mind set is equally as important as obtaining a university degree.”

Challenges I faced

“After I graduated and started looking for jobs, I discovered that it was not an easy path to join the luxury segment.  I had no clue on where to start. In the 1990s there were no luxury houses based in Hong Kong, so I joined the international marketing division of a local firm that had a good base of international clients.

I had the opportunity to work in another division called the Direct Marketing Department, which served the Cathay Pacific’s Marco Polo Club members by operating their loyalty programs. We provided personal customer services to prestigious members who were frequent flyers.  We also sourced exclusive premium gifts to reward them.

I had always aspired to work in the communication field, particularly in PR or events to do brand management. It was partially because of my character and the fact that I enjoy socialising and meeting people.  I also liked refined, beautiful and exquisite things in life and often went shopping in London at weekends as a student in Coventry, enjoying afternoon teas at tea salons.”

What I enjoy most about my job

Cindy’s key responsibilities include overseeing and managing the brand equity and dealing with publicity campaigns, the media and events, as well as managing a team of 15 people.

“This job brings me great satisfaction. I am glad to be working for a very beautiful brand, with deep history, and to have the opportunity to be part of the foot print of this brand on managing its brand equity.

I enjoy the PR buzz generated when an event has been executed successfully. Our communication strategy has often led to the brand being perceived as a leading player in the market. But working with external parties like the media and celebrities are the fun and glamorous parts.”

Cindy Chee has climbed her way up the luxury brands chain since graduating in 1993. She now directs communications for Cartier in Hong Kong and Macau, a company infamously referred to as ‘the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers’ by King Edward VII.