The future of transport systems?

An exciting new project led by Coventry City Council, with Coventry University, will see the development of a program to demonstrate how real-world connected cars interacts with surrounding infrastructure. Intelligent Variable Message Systems (iVMS) will assess how connected and automated vehicles interact on key routes leading into Coventry’s City Centre.

iVMS will draw on cutting edge expertise from Coventry University’s Centre for Mobility and Transport. The centre will support the Council in collaboration with project partners HORIBA MIRA, Siemens and University spin-out, Serious Games International.

This ambitious project will bring the  latest in vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) communication, together with the diverse field of gaming technology. iVMS will test, in simulated environments, the latest in autonomous vehicle features against human behavioural models. This will allow researchers to assess the benefits of the incremental delivery of autonomous features into the vehicle population.

The research carried out will focus on vehicle sensing technologies, traffic modelling and human factors. Dr Olivier Haas, said: “A better understanding of how these systems impact drivers’ behaviour will allow us to refine driver models used in traffic simulators to improve simulation accuracy, and predict the effects connected vehicle technology will have on our roads. It will also help us provide practical solutions that drivers want.”

The project, which is part of a wider programme of autonomous vehicle development in the country, will establish a living lab test environment to attract manufacturers and suppliers to use Coventry as a hub for connected and automated vehicle research, bringing new business to the region.

Cllr Jim O’Boyle, city council member for business said, “This project shows what a fantastically innovative city we are. The idea that intelligent signage can help drivers find a car park with available spaces and might in the future be able to control driverless cars is fantastic. It’s another example of the great skills and knowledge Coventry has with our history in the motor industry. This is another first for our city and I am delighted to be working with Coventry University on this project.”

The iVMS project is just one example of how Coventry University is collaborating with industry to help bring the latest in technological thinking into the real world. With skills and expertise spread across 12 research centres, the University is well equipped to work with businesses to tackle a wide array of challenges. It is this pioneering spirit and innovative approach to working with business which has recently seen the university awarded the title of “University of the Year” by Times Higher Education.

Coventry University Knowledge Transfer Manager, Dr Alisdair Ritchie said: ‘Universities, through links with industry, generate a wealth of knowledge exploitable in everyday life.  The iVMS project is just one example of how a university’s expertise and knowledge can be applied to the real world issues of today to deliver tomorrow’s technology.’

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