Man’s Best Friend

I am a wolf, a lonely wolf in the vast, stenching woods. I have no food or water. Wait. Pizza! Food! Food glorious food. Now I end up here, in a paradise, sapphire blue sea surrounds me. The tranquil sound of exotic birds slows my heart down. Mankind! I will finally have a friend.

He cautiously approached me, thinking I would harm him. His kind face warms my heart, and he stretches his arm out and strokes me. (I thought mankind would attack me and use my fur as a blanket).

On the other hand, his mate doesn’t look at me like she cares. She says, “You have a pocket knife – skin it and give the fur to me.”

(Would he really do that?)

“No, this beautiful creature is all alone with nothing to eat, and you want me to kill it?” he said.

The out of nowhere, a blue-faced man arose from the water.

“I have a coin; the man’s side is a heart, and the woman’s side is a skull.”

This God-like man made the coin go up in the air and it landed on the heart. I was overjoyed when he started to jump like mad.

The woman left, but the man said, “Wait, I have a surprise for you!” and he gave her a diamond necklace.

By Jacob Kanda, Maddison Johnson, and Avineet Singti Khinda