Opportunity for Writer to help Photographer

Are you interested in working as part of a team and helping another student whilst being creative? Then read on!
Jack Matts is a third year photography student currently seeking somebody to collab with him on his latest project. His project is about the conversation of the rural land around ‘Galley Common,’ a place he grew up. A large area of greenfield land was taken for housing developments inspiring this Photographer’s subject. His work looks into residents views on the issue and how they feel about the rural land that still surrounds them.
He is going to create a photo-book that displays photographs which are relayed with powerful words linking to the photographs. He is going to self-publish the work, so this  would be beneficial for the writer to reach a large audience which is a fantastic opportunity.
A piece of Jack’s work, that will inspire your writing.
He is seeking a point of contact willing to write a short story or poem/poems about the stories told by these residents that will romanticise the land and emphasise why the land is so special. His goal is to collaborate closely with a writer, to creatively interpret these words and move them on from being an ‘individual statement.’
You must:
  • Be able to write about rural areas
  • Be creative
  • Romanticise a place for a certain effect 
  • Be able to work as a Team
  • Be able to take something factual into something beautiful

So if you are passionate about writing and feel you can give Jack’s photos some justice with some beautiful writing, please contact him at mattsj@uni.coventry.ac.uk.

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