Poetry and Short Stories Wanted for Publishing!

Have you ever dreamt of your creative writing being published? If so look no further. Third year illustration student Alex Asher is calling for poetry for his new book. The theme is entirely open and can be about any topic. It also does not have to be new work, but MUST fit comfortably on an A5 page.  Short stories would also be welcome, as long as they are no more than 500 words. Poetry is, however, a priority. If this is a success, Alex intends to produce another book in the new year with specific themes for writers.

Take this rare opportunity for creative freedom and get your work published! If you are interested, email your work to: alex.asher.illustration@gmail.com         

You have until the 15th DECEMBER, however, all submissions will work on a first come first served basis. Please include your name and the title for your poem/short story in the document.

Good luck!

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