How to survive a Placement

Undoubtedly, whatever course you may be studying, you will have to undergo some kind of Placement. They can seem scary, terrifying almost, as you go from being a student to being expected to be a professional. That being said, there are many things you can do to impress the boss at your placement, and this will ensure you’ve got contacts for the future. Here at CovWords, we have put together a listacle on how to survive your Placements.

Dress to Impress

Going on Placement is an excuse to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe. Make sure you look the part to fit into your new professional environment. Not only will you impress your supervisors for making the effort, it will also encourage you to act the part, and thus, feel more confident.


Research the place first, try and find the workers on Twitter. It will give you an essence of what to expect, and you won’t feel as nervous on the day. Furthermore, imagine going into a new job, not knowing what is expected of you? Research is key.

Be an Adult

To be blunt, Students can often be babied but this attitude just won’t do in a working atmosphere. You will be treated in the same regard as the other workers, but you will be observed. So use your adult skill set, this includes: time management, organisation and initiative. These are skills that will be watched closely.

Take Examples of your Work

Even though they may not ask for it, take previous works in a folder. That way, you’ve always got something to be inspired by and if they are doubting you for whatever reason, you can prove that you are a worker. But- don’t force it down the employers. That will make you appear entitled which is a characteristic employers will despise.

Try to blend in

There will be a host of people working in the same place, try and befriend them. This will make you memorable. Observe the behaviour of others, and do the same things. We are humans, they aren’t going to ignore you because you’re on ‘work experience’ so be the kinder, and try to fit into their work space.

Don’t complain, even if you are ‘just making coffee and tea’

Countless times I hear students say that placements are ‘stupid’ because it’s ‘just making coffee and tea.’ Even if it is, it’s an easy job to go on your C.V so be grateful for the opportunity! It gets your foot in the door to a whole other escapade of opportunities, so even if you end up doing the jobs nobody really likes, it’s not the end of the world, it’s a start to a brilliant journey.

Don’t forget to add details of your Placement to ‘Inplace’

Your placements won’t count without this.

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