16 reasons why you should never go to Coventry

16 reasons why you should never go to Coventry

People have some strong opinions about Coventry, so we looked into what people really think about our city.

1) You only ever get sent to Coventry…


First used in the 1640s and a phrase that has stuck with us till today.

2) …nobody would choose to come here


Not for our inspiring blend of old buildings and new cultural highlights.

3) There is no art to be appreciated


We only have a few galleries, festivals, popups and museums after all.

4) Nobody works very hard


Just ask any of the thousands of students pulling all-nighters in the library.

5) In fact, there aren’t any good universities at all


Except the top modern university in the UK, with CU campuses across Coventry, London and Scarborough.


6) There are far too many cathedrals


Tbh, one is enough when it looks like this.

7) Everyone that lives there is ugly


You can’t walk down the street without seeing people wearing clothes from *gasp* last season.

8) The town centre is grotesquely dirty


Hence the fountain.

9) There aren’t any good sports teams


Brb, just going to Coventry’s very own ice hockey arena.


10) Where is all the green space?


Coventry is reinventing what it means to be a city.


11) There is no culture


‘RENT The Musical’ at The Belgrade Theatre. There is also something about it being City of Culture?


12) Just ugly tower blocks for student accommodation


The same people that don’t work that hard, except when they’re earning those first class honours.

13) A city that is grey and dreary


Our very own rainbow bridge only has about 20 colours.

14) A place where history started in 2004


The Saxon settlers were here in the noughties weren’t they?

15) The food is drab and bland


TripAdvisor only lists 498 restaurants so there isn’t much choice.

16) A city where nobody ever smiles


Coventry is actually one of the most exciting student cities in the UK, thriving with culture, food and nightlife. Find out how you can have a great student experience with one of CU Coventry’s career focussed and flexible courses.