How to stay fit at home

How to stay fit at home

Getting fit in the comfort of your own home sound impossible? Think again, there are plenty of creative and free techniques to keeping healthy without leaving the house. First off, motivation is key to committing to a good workout session, so put on your favourite big beats, change into some gym gear or casual clothes and get ready to move.

Yoga is one of the most inclusive forms of exercise, with many different levels for different purposes. The main focuses of yoga revolve around strength, flexibility and breathing, to boost both physical and mental wellbeing. The basic structure of yoga is pretty simple, it combines various postures with breathing. This synergy of body and breathe working together encourages more oxygen into your system, increasing energy and lowering blood pressure. Yoga is the perfect exercise if you want to focus more on general wellbeing and keeping your mind healthy as well as doing some physical activities. So, if you’re struggling to keep focused and want to take a little bit of time out of your day to improve on these factors, yoga is the exercise for you.

If you’re looking for a more active and full throttle sort of fitness, what’s better than a good old dance-a-thon? There’s a reason why classes like Zumba are so popular, moving your body to a beat is just so much fun! Dancing requires little to no guidance, unless you want a more structured video tutorial, it really is an exercise where you can let loose and be as silly as you want to be. It’s also one of the better exercises to get or keep in shape, as it utilises every aspect of your body and really pushes you to break a sweat!

When a gym isn’t an option, exercising in your own home can work a treat! Wanting to get a few steps on a cross trainer or treadmill can be costly, but you can easily burn the calories by being a bit creative with what’s inside your house. If you live in a house or accommodation with stairs, scaling a flight of stairs or simply taking one step up, one step down for a set amount of time until you start to feel the burn can have the same effect. Regular on the spot workouts can also be easily found on sites like YouTube to help you stay active, following along can also keep you motivated and add structure to your exercise sessions.