3 things a law student can learn from Suits

3 things a law student can learn from Suits

So you’ve got your eye on taking over from Megan Markle now there’s a vacancy in Suits. You’ve got the smarts and have applied for a Law degree.  But when reality dawns and you have to actually turn up to class, here’s a few tips to keep your cool.

1. You don’t know it all – channel your inner Mike

Don’t panic about feeling like you’re in the dark with some aspects of the course material at the early stages of the course. The degree will have been structured so that you build from the basis of the English legal system and then will work through the main areas of the law.

2. Emulate and learn – are you a Harvey Specter or a Jessica Pearson?

A great way to learn is to shadow other law professionals. Experiencing contentious and non-contentious legal work will help your understanding of the practical application of the law as well as provide ideas about your future career.

3. Take time out

It’s a great idea to include time in your schedule to visit different courts to observe as many different cases as possible. Just be sure to get there at the start of the case and follow court etiquette such as bowing to the Crown; no electronic devices and no eating.

It’s also worth asking around about any pro bono projects offered by local law firms to get yourself involved in the action. You’ll be starring in series 8 before you know it!

Law is a fascinating and stimulating subject, the application of which touches all of our lives – with an impact way beyond a fictional, American TV Show. Launch your career in law at CU Scarborough, CU London or CU Coventry.