5 life hacks to help you out

5 life hacks to help you out

Everybody loves a life hack, just a little something to make a regular, mundane task a little easier. Engineers are at the top of the list when it comes to making and discovering great life hacks. We’ve put together a list of the best to help make your life a bit simpler.

1. Fancy a drink, but it’s warm?


Is there anything worse than craving a cold drink on a hot day, only be met with a lukewarm beverage? This hack will rid you of such disappointment forever. Take a damp paper towel, wrap it around your drink and pop it in the freezer for just a few minutes – your drink will be icy cold almost immediate, ridding you of both a warm drink and having to wait for your drink to cool slowly in the fridge.

2. No speakers?


If you’re looking forward to hanging out with your friends with some music in the background, or you want some tunes to get you pumped for the day ahead, then realising you don’t have your speakers or they have run out of battery can be quite disappointing. With this hack, all you need is an old toilet roll tube and two plastic cups (things that all students have!). Cut a small slot on the toilet roll tube and two holes on the plastic cups and put them all together – you will have speakers almost instantly.

3. Not got a pound?


When you’ve headed to the shops to do your big weekly shop and realised that you’ve forgotten your pound for the trolley, it is sometimes almost enough to make you want to turn around and live off crumbs for the rest of the week. With this nifty little hack, you will never go hungry again. If you haven’t got a pound, simply use the round end of your key to get access to your trolley.

4. Always running late?


If you’re having a lot of late nights and find yourself always sleeping through your morning alarm, then putting your phone in an empty pint glass before you go to sleep will make your morning alarm will sound louder and you won’t ever sleep through it again.

5. Long day at uni?


If you have had a long day at uni and want to have a little snooze on the train or the bus, but are worried about your bag getting stolen, then worry no more! Simply put your bags’ handle around your ankle and catch up on your sleep after a hard day.

If you think that you would be able to come up with some life hacks for yourself and others, as well as creating the next thing that will help others make their lives a bit easier, then studying engineering might be for you. You can study Combined Engineering BSc (Hons) at CU Coventry, CU London and CU Scarborough.