9 best games to play with housemates at university

9 best games to play with housemates at university

Games are the best way to get to know housemates at university. Perfect for parties or just a chilled evening, these are some of the funniest games on the market.

1) Cards Against Humanity

‘A party game for horrible people.’

Leave your sensitivities at the door and join in with this wildly popular party game. Match offensive and hilarious phrases to provocative statements and compete to see who is the funniest.


2) Cards

Sometimes the simple classics are the best. Most people will know how to play poker or blackjack, so this is a cheap and easy way to get people around the table having a good time. Look up President for a game with a few more rules but a lot of mileage on game night.

3) Exploding Kittens

‘A card game for people who are into kittens and explosions. And laser beams. And sometimes goats.’

One of the most surreal games you will ever play. Avoid the exploding kitten, which will end your turn in the game, and encounter a bizarre mix of other cards along the way. The game is famous for its big twists, which can be jaw-droppingly glorious or cruel, depending on who they affect.


4) Monopoly

Reinvent monopoly for uni life! It doesn’t have to be the same game you tantrumed over when you were seven. Instead, plot your real estate empire with housemates for a couple of hours. Perfect for a lazy Sunday before a week of classes.

 5) Who Am I?

A cheap and cheerful game I swear every friendship group has invented at one point. Stick post it notes to everyone’s forehead, writing a famous person on each without letting them see. Everyone takes turns to ask a yes or no question about their person, trying to guess who they are.

6) Risk

This game probably takes the longest out of all of those on the list so keep this for the super keen. Conquer the world, battle with dice and overrun continents with your player pieces. Despite its steep learning curve, it is surprisingly enjoyably when you have played a few rounds.

7) Articulate

A great warm up game to kick off your session, Articulate splits you into groups and gets you guessing the words that your teammates are trying to describe. A classic challenge makes for some great moments up against the clock.

8) Pandemic

Pandemic is a recent game set in a world where multiple diseases have broken out and threaten the human race! It won a stack of awards and makes you think strategically. It is particularly clever because you cooperate with fellow players rather than compete. Perfect for house bonding!


9) Cranium

‘The game for your whole brain.’

Indulge the kid inside yourself with Cranium, a truly hilarious game. The four modes–Word Worm, Creative Cat, Star Performer and Data Head will get you acting, singing, spelling, sculpting and guessing into you are in hysterics.