AAT – How it can help your career

AAT – How it can help your career

At CU, we offer Level 2, 3 and 4 Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualifications*. You might be thinking, so what? Is it really worthwhile doing more studying? And most importantly, will it actually help me get to where I want to be regarding my career? Let me just start off by saying an AAT course will equip you with the expertise and confidence to succeed. So… effectively yes, it’s worthwhile considering.

One of the most important things to draw your attention to is that if you’re already studying, or considering studying Management and Professional Accounting BA (Hons), you will already be covering the necessary topics in your course for the Level 4 AAT qualification. That means all you will have to do is sit an additional exam** to get an extra qualification. That actually means no extra studying, lucky you!

If you are not studying the degree programme with us that’s not to say AAT shouldn’t be on your mind. If you are studying Accounting at HNC or HND level, or even not studying an accounting course at all, the Level 2 and 3 AAT courses may appeal to you.

One interesting factor which may influence your decision to study an AAT course is that if you are yet to go to university and it is something you wish to do, a Level 3 AAT Accounting Qualification is worth 160 UCAS points. Yes, you read that right, 160 UCAS points! Not only could that significantly boost the amount you already have but it is actually enough points to be accepted onto CU’s Accounting Technician HNC course.

However if gaining a degree is something that you are not particularly interested in, AAT courses can be studied as stand-alone qualifications here at CU. This will not only provide you with additional accounting knowledge but it will give you an advantage in today’s job market.

So let me get into the real reasons to complete an AAT course…

An internationally recognisable qualification
If you choose to study an AAT course you will be pleased to know that all levels are internationally recognised. Meaning, that no matter where you choose to find a career this is a widely accepted qualification. This will, in turn, make you more attractive in an employer’s eyes.

Desirable skills
Studying an AAT qualification will provide you with the accounting and finance skills required in the industry today. These will not only help you with future studies but will be highly desired by employers.

Use your time off wisely
For those of you who might fall under the mature student category this could definitely be appealing to you. If you are assessing your next move or simply looking for a project whilst on maternity leave, an AAT course might be perfect for you. All of the courses on offer will help advance your skill set and increase your chances of landing that next job.

Sounds good right? Well if studying an AAT course is something that interests you why not take a look at our Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 courses. Alternatively, check out CU Coventry, CU Scarborough and CU London for information on Accounting courses.

*AAT Qualifications only currently availble at CU Coventry
**Should you decide to take the professional qualification with AAT or ICAEW, there will be additional student membership fees and assessment fee.