Beat the stress of applying to university.

Beat the stress of applying to university.

When applying to university it’s common to feel stressed and overwhelmed. After all, it’s a huge decision. In order to prepare you for the application process, which in turn should alleviate unwanted and unnecessary stress we’ve put together some top tips.

Know the UCAS deadlines
Chances are for a full-time degree course you’ll be applying via UCAS. The process is easy and straightforward; however there are several deadlines you’ll need to follow to ensure a successful application. A full range of these deadlines can be found on the UCAS website. It might even be worth saving these in your calendar or setting reminders on your phone.

Visit an institute Open Day
This is key! You’ll want to visit an Open Day of your chosen provider to ensure the city, the campus and the general atmosphere is the right one for you. At CU Coventry we run Open Days throughout the year, check our website for the latest dates.

Student finance
One of the most essential aspects of any student application is finance. Without the proper finance in place you may not be allowed entry to your course, so take care to look into this and ensure you thoroughly understand what you are entitled to. The website is a great place to start.

Writing your personal statement
This is a key concern for many students, but it doesn’t have to be. Be honest, take your time and get someone to proof read or look over the content for you, it will be worth its weight in gold. Some key discussion points should be:

  • Why you are applying for your chosen course
  • Why you are interested in that specific course
  • Why you are a suitable candidate for the course
  • How your current studies/experience relates to your chosen course

A more in depth breakdown can be found on the UCAS website.

Don’t panic!
Our final piece of advice is simple, don’t panic. There’s an entire support network out there to ensure you can find and successfully apply for the course best suited to your needs.

If you would like to learn more about CU Coventry and how we can assist with your application visit our website.