How to become a student brand ambassador

How to become a student brand ambassador

Part-time jobs that fit around studying have become essential for plenty of students. But you may not fancy giving up nights to pull pints for punters at a local bar, or doing any of the other classic student jobs. Have you considered the less conventional option of becoming a student brand ambassador?

What is a student brand ambassador?

Companies love to tap into the student market because we spend money, have plenty of free time and will become the high-power spenders of the future. They pay brand ambassadors to promote the company, their products and services or graduate jobs on your campus. You will be an authentic advocate for the brand, using their products and encouraging other people to do the same.

What will you be doing?

Roles can vary quite a lot, but it’s a part time job that cannot be described as boring. Promoting a company can involve some of the following:

  • Running events
  • Flyering
  • Social media promotion
  • Guerilla marketing campaigns
  • Giving samples to your friends

How do you become one?

Often companies advertise on their websites or third-party sites for promotional staff. Many will also run recruitment events. Alternatively, you can take a more proactive approach. Search out venues near your university that always seem to have promo staff and find out about their experience. Becoming a promotional rep for a holiday company, nightclub or entertainment venue could be a great way to have fun while earning money.

What skills do you need?

Companies will be expecting you to deliver results, so you need to be active and committed to the role. Confidence is a key attribute for student brand ambassadors, as you will need to be comfortable promoting to a crowd and relentlessly network to push your brand as far and wide as possible. Any niche skills you have in areas such as events, design, social media and photography would help set you apart from the crowd.

What sorts of companies could you work for?

Many types of companies advertise for student brand ambassadors. These can include consumer brands like Red Bull or Nike, graduate recruiters such as financial or law firms, local entertainment venues or professional services like recruitment agencies.

What are the benefits of becoming a student brand ambassador?

These jobs are designed to fit around your studies, so you know they will be more flexible than a lot of conventional part-time jobs. The number of hours you do each week can also be as small as 8-10, meaning you get a top-up on your student finance, without sacrificing all your free time. You benefit from good working conditions and you can often set most of your hours. It can be fun but can also be tiring, so be prepared for that.

You will develop many useful skills for your CV, including communication, events management, time management and organisation. Big companies may give you training at their headquarters and it could even give you an edge when applying for a graduate job.

How can CU help?

Our Careers & Employability department can help support you when looking for part-time jobs. They can give expert advice and check that any opportunities you are interested in are legitimate. CU Coventry, CU London and CU Scarborough all offer a flexible approach to study with morning, afternoon or part-time study that lets you fit your study around your responsibilities.

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