Consumer Rights For Students

Consumer Rights For Students

Many students experience independent living for the first time when they come to university and many are vulnerable to exploitation from businesses looking to capitalise on their lack of knowledge. From your shopping habits, to travel, health and accommodation, it is important to know the legal protections to which you are entitled.

Get to know some of the information below to prepare you should you have a dispute with any third party you are dealing with. Contact our student support services if you need help with issues you may be facing.


We have many links with local providers that offer reliable student accommodation across our campuses in Coventry, Scarborough and London.


However, if you choose to rent in the private sector, you need to be clued up with your rights and responsibilities to make sure you keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement.

There are so many factors to bear in mind from using letting agents, using a guarantor, putting down deposits and council tax. You should also ensure that you are being treated fairly by your landlord.

Find out more about your accommodation rights.


Buying a new laptop for university or changing up your wardrobe for the next block? If your goods turn out to be faulty, you are entitled to ask for them to be repaired or refunded.

It is surprisingly wide-ranging, covering most products and services, everything from haircuts to stationery.

It even covers purchases online, so if you bought a gift from Etsy or downloaded software that broke your computer, the business that sold it to you is liable.

Learn more about your consumer rights when you are shopping.


University fees and student loans can be a difficult maze to navigate, with complex terms and conditions. It is important for you to feel comfortable that the loans you are taking out now will not impact on your future. For example, private sector loans, store cards, payday loans or credit cards can have serious financial implications.


Find out more information about student loans for students.


Your years at university are the perfect opportunity for travel. Whether you need to just get on the train from home to campus or want to travel to far-flung destinations to expand your horizons, you have more freedom to explore than at any other time in your life.

However, the risks of travel mean that you need to be aware of some really important information to protect yourself in case of emergency.

Find out more information about your travel rights.


Studying at university comes with its own challenges, so it’s important to keep an eye on your health and look out for yourself and your friends. Mental health is also really important, so don’t forget to look out for your mental well-being.

Find out more information about student mental health.


CU is designed to help you study flexibly around your life, so a job can be a perfect opportunity to earn some cash, build your career and learn new skills.

Get to know your rights when it comes to part-time jobs and internships to make sure your employer is treating you fairly and acting lawfully. It is also important for international students to be aware of the restrictions in place on their employment activity.

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