6 of the most creative ways food and drink has been packaged

6 of the most creative ways food and drink has been packaged

Food and drink packaging is big news at the moment, as supermarkets are facing protests for excessive plastics and restaurants are pulling straws from in front of the bar. Intelligent designers and product engineers have come up with some ingenious packaging that either solves these problems or delights you in another way.

1) The Clasper Bottle

Packaging 1

This cool bottle design has two containers in one so that you can unsnap them and mix ingredients once you have bought them. They are perfect for cocktails, where you can’t combine the spirit and mixer until you are ready to drink. Freshly poured mojito from a supermarket shelf, don’t mind if I do!

2) Snact Fruit Jerky

Packaging 2

Excessive and environmentally unfriendly packaging is big news right now and consumers are starting to protest. Fruit snack maker Snact has become an activist brand on this issue. They developed packaging for their fruit jerky and banana bars that helps tackle food waste. The packaging is 100% compostable and becomes fertiliser for your plants within a matter of days.

3) Heineken Club Bottle

Packaging 3

Beer maker Heineken fused art and experience with packaging for their Club Bottle. It featured two UV colours that light up spectacularly under black light. When the cool origami patterns are revealed in nightclubs, it is quite a dazzling effect.

4) Edible Six Pack Rings

Packaging 4

Saltwater Brewery in Florida realised that whilst people loved their craft beer, they did not appreciate the devastating images of animals trapped in them.

Since the late 1980s all rings have been 100% degradable, but this brewery went one step further. They used edible wheat and barley to make six pack rings that can be eaten safely by ocean life rather than being a dangerous trap.

5) Seaweed Packaging

Packaging 5

Food packaging innovations mean that humans, as well as animals, can also eat the things that protect our foods. Edible straws made in Barking from sugar, corn starch and jelly have been developed, along with seaweed water pouches. Brown algae doesn’t sound like the most appetising snack, but it beats killing the planet.

6) Tanqueray Art Deco Fruit Cage

Packaging 6

This jazzy gin bottle has another great use once you’ve drunk the contents (which doesn’t normally take long). Thanks to the metal cage inside, you can use it as a fruit bowl with a difference. Sure, the main place you can buy it is the ever-so-fancy Harvey Nichols at almost £50. But this is a pretty cool upcycle that you can definitely make at home with a drink that’s more your style (*cough* everyday value vodka fruit cage).

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