5 Ways to Hack Your Student Halloween

5 Ways to Hack Your Student Halloween

This year, Halloween is more bewitching than ever. But students can often be short on time and money, so how can you dress your house to distress at the last minute? Watch our five top Halloween hacks to find out what you can do for this year’s holiday of horror.


Ghoul bowling

Ghoul Bowling

Knock over ghosts in this easy game to test your aim and skill. It just requires a marker, white foam cups and a small ball. Make it harder by stacking cups in multiple positions. Full instructions here.

 Blood pong

Blood Pong

Use the rest of your foam cups to twist this student classic. Fill with your favourite red liquid and play against friends. If you successfully get a ping pong ball in your opposing team’s cup, they must drink the ‘blood’.

Floating ghost

Hanging Ghost







These loveable ghosts can be customised with different faces. Full instructions here.

 DIY Halloween balloons


Get crafty and draw sinister faces on balloons. It makes for a cheaper and less messy alternative to a pumpkin. Good colours to use are black, white, orange and green. More ideas here.

 Hanging bats

Hanging Bats







These spooky bats are great to hang from dark corners, lights and doorways. Nestle them in cobwebs to make them more dramatic. Full instructions here.