Harmony in a Shared House

Harmony in a Shared House

We spoke to landlord Caroline May at Student Housing Scarborough about her tops tips to remember when setting up a home with fellow students, making living in a shared property a happy experience.

1.) Beware fair weather friends!

You may have been mates for years, but just because someone is a right laugh down the pub doesn’t make them a perfect housemate.  Think carefully about possible personality clashes before you sign up to live with a large group.

2.) Make it a home from home

Use fairy lights, pictures, sofa throws–whatever it takes to make a shared home a happy home, rather than just a place to crash. Express yourself!

3.) Use a shared whiteboard to make communicating easily

Writing messages, making shopping lists and noting key dates on a whiteboard is a big help when you’re not always around at the same times of day.

4.) Keep a kitty for communal items

You don’t want to be running out of loo roll every other day! Keeping a kitty just for communal items like cleaning materials really helps

5.) Prepare a cleaning rota

We all have a different idea of what clean and tidy means and how important it is.  Agree a rota for communal areas. Deciding this up front is the key, before mess becomes a problem.

6.) Simple signs

A closed bedroom door means privacy please and open means you’re free to enter. This is a simple solution for anyone wanting quiet time. You don’t have to be bossy to get what you want.

7.) Labelling can help

Labelling a shelf in the kitchen for each person may seem petty, but respecting other people’s property goes a long way to creating a harmonious household.

Building happy relationships in a shared household can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll get from university. You may even make friends for life.