How my degree is helping my career ambitions

How my degree is helping my career ambitions

At CU Coventry, we are all about ambitions; just check out our #MYCUCAMBITION and see for yourself. Our course programmes are designed to help all of our students achieve their full potential and one student, Alex, has told us how his degree is helping him achieve his career ambitions.

Alex is not only a second year Management and Leadership BA (Hons) student, but CUC Faculty Chair, CUC students’ representative in the CUSU and CEO of his very own record label, Alex Records.

You launched Alex Records before you became a student at CUC. How do you think your studies have benefited your business?
Studying Management and Leadership has allowed me to further understand the factors that are outside of my control. I have learned to become more adaptable and professional, particularly when things don’t go to plan.  My course has helped me to amend my business model as I am eager to expand the business and sign new artists.

What challenges do you face as CUC Faculty Chair?
It is important for me to balance leading a team. This involves me motivating my student reps and rallying the students while representing the brand and liaising with senior staff members of CUC. My course has taught me to multitask and manage my responsibilities effectively, as well as to listen to the viewpoints of others.

What do you think makes a good leader?
I think a good leader is a person who is passionate about what they’re doing and is willing to go the extra mile to achieve it. A good leader is approachable and adaptable but can easily take charge of a situation to motivate others. Working successfully as part of a team is also very important.

Alex is studying Management and Leadership BA (Hons) at CU Coventry which is available at HNC, HND and degree level and can be studied full or part-time. This course also includes modules accredited by professional bodies such as CMI, CII, AAT and more.

To check out Alex Records, please see their website and Facebook page.