How to do Valentine’s Day on a student budget

How to do Valentine’s Day on a student budget

It’s that time of year again. Every shop and restaurant in town is dowsed in red love hearts and social media is filled with couples who want to boast about their undying love for each other. If you’re lucky enough to fall in this category, or fancy a cute night in with your ‘gal’-entines, here are our tips for romance on a student budget.

For the Music Lover…

How about going a bit retro? Instead of a mixtape (which no millennial knows how to use), make the one you love a playlist on Spotify or whichever streaming service you use. It’s free (ish) and is super personal to them and your relationship, so will definitely show you care!

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An Instagram-post alternative

Instead of posting a cute pic of you and your bae on social media this Valentine’s, why not print them out your best pic? Photo printing is a lot cheaper than you think! With a 6×4 image costing as little as 50p and frames setting you back around £3 in some shops, you could get a valentines gift for the same price as your regular supermarket meal deal.


Replace the expensive meal out with a cute night in

With most restaurant’s ramping the price of their set menus through the roof for this romantic holiday, an easy way to save on cost is to dine-in instead. Cook them their favourite dish or set up a ‘living room picnic’ and it’ll be a fraction of the cost and seriously cute too.


Cheap date-night alternatives

With most cinemas only charging £5 a ticket for weekday films, this could be an excellent and more importantly, a wallet-friendly date for you and your loved one. Or, skip the cinema and do a film night at home. Popcorn anyone?


If you’re an old-school sweetheart…

Chocolates, flowers and teddy-bears saying ‘I love you’ are a Valentine’s classic, but often not the cheapest. One sneaky trick to get around this is to celebrate it at the weekend or the day after instead, as you can get all these romantic gifts for 50% off. Thank you sales!


Now go, shock your other half by being the most romantic person they’ve ever seen, whilst sticking to your student budget. Or, if you’re single for this holiday, embrace it! You can do all of these things with friends or for yourself. After all, 2019 is the year of self-love and self-care right? Treat yo’ self.

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