How to get on with your housemates

How to get on with your housemates

Coming to uni is a big step, for many it is the first taste of adulthood and living alone. Living in halls is a very exciting time and you will find yourself surrounded by people from all different walks of life. Starting university  is nerve wracking as well as something to look forward to, it is also important to bear in mind the other people that you are living with. Here at disCUss, we have put together our top tips and tricks to make sure your time in halls is fun for everyone.

Keep tidy


Keep on top of your washing up and don’t let it pile up, this is a great way to have your shared living area feel nice and tidy and a way for everyone to keep each other happy. Some people find that making a cleaning rota works so everyone is doing their bit around the halls, some find that having a group discussion face to face works. It is important to keep on top of your own personal mess at uni… Nobody likes to see a passive aggressive note about taking the bins out before they go to lectures.

Leading on from the point of keeping tidy, sometimes it is useful to get a money jar that everyone puts a pound in once in a while so you can get shared supplies, such as washing up liquid, kitchen roll, sponges and all the other boring stuff that comes along with having to tidy up after yourself now.

Don’t be too loud, too late

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Having fun and partying is something that comes along with going to university, however it is important to remember that you are living with other people as well. If you have had a big night out or you are hosting a house party, try to remember that your other housemates may have a 9am lecture in the morning so they will want an early and restful night ahead of their lectures the next day. If you are going to be hanging out until late in the shared areas of your flat, then try and close the doors and keep the music quiet so that way the noise for your fellow housemates stays at a minimum.



Talking to your housemates is a quick and easy way to resolve any issues that you may have, or a way to ensure that everyone is okay. Sometimes a housemate may forget to take the bin out, or they may have their friends over making noise late at night. The worst thing to do is to not tell them and find yourself getting worked up if it happens again, but telling your housemate what was up means that it’s likely to not happen again. Also make sure you check in with each other – asking your housemates how they are doing could really help them out, as moving away from home sometimes takes a bit of adjustment.

Do stuff together

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This may seem like a bit of an obvious one, but doing stuff together is a great way to bond with your housemates. Often the first meeting with your housemates can feel awkward, but that will fade the more time you spend together. When you first arrive in Coventry, why not suggest exploring the city together, that way you get to see the place you will call home for the next few years and spend time bonding with the people you will be living with too.