How to improve your LinkedIn profile

How to improve your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the social channels you might not have your eye on at the moment, but it is getting more and more popular. Your friends are on Snapchat but the people you need to persuade to give you your dream job are probably on LinkedIn.

The basics

Let’s assume you have the basics on there. You know you want a decent LinkedIn to help you network and look for jobs. A profile so sparkling that employers will choose to go there when they search for you rather than your night out albums or old vlogs with an embarrassing fringe.

You’ve uploaded a decent picture from a day where you showered, smiled and wore your smartest threads. You’ve written out your qualifications, work experience and a brief summary of your professional profile. It goes without saying, but proofread and give your LinkedIn as much love as your CV. How then can you take your LinkedIn to the next level?

More information

Give your profile some body by populating all the extra fields with information that shows how interesting you are. Add your gap years, volunteering projects and causes you care about. You can add skills that people can endorse you for.

A cheeky hack for this that not many people know is that you can reorder your skills however you want. If you want to be known for a particular skill, you can move it near the front and people are more likely to see it and endorse you.

Recommendations are a great way to add extra credibility to your profile. Be bold and request them from your closest contacts. If you don’t have much luck that way, you can also recommend others and they will probably reciprocate.

Finding a job

LinkedIn has a hidden depth that most people don’t tap into. For example, you can apply for jobs on the platform and research the Company Pages of the employers you are interested in. There is also a deep search functionality when you tap the button that says All Filters that could be useful finding the perfect person or company.

Of course, taking the plunge and paying for premium LinkedIn could return its investment if you get the chance to send InMail to recruiters. It is a hefty price for a student budget, so bag a free trial and try before you buy.

Reach more people

Finally, you need to grow your audience. Reach out to your former colleagues and network, as well as importing contacts from your email and phone to get the core people. Avoid spamming randoms with connection requests because they won’t be relevant and may do more harm than good if you attract a bad reputation.

Never send the standard invitation message; it is much better to send a tailored message. Instead, break into your field by reaching out to relevant people, commenting on an article they write or asking for advice before you connect.

The job market is a scary place and LinkedIn is a battleground of humble brags and motivational life coaches flogging their websites. Up your profile game and get ahead of the competition. If you want more advice on how to improve your LinkedIn profile, our Careers Zone team can give you a comprehensive guide as well as book you in for a 1-2-1 advice session.