How to save money on everyday things

How to save money on everyday things

Who doesn’t want to save money? Especially when it comes to the little day to day things which add up quickly. When you’re a student, you have to make money stretch even further. So here are our top tips to save money on everyday things.

Shop around for bank accounts
Being savvy about your bank account has many benefits. From overdraft limits and free gifts to perks such as travel insurance or mobile phone insurance, if you research the right bank account, you can not only get the banking that you need but many additional features which may save you money in the long run.

Offers and Vouchers
There is such a thing as extreme couponing! We’re not saying go that far, but we recommend looking into available offers and vouchers before purchasing large or expensive items. Is there a student discount available? Are there any bundle deals? Money Saving Expert and Compare the Market are helpful tools to compare products and services and help you save money.

Second-hand goods
When we say second-hand goods, we don’t always mean second hand! On websites like Ebay and Gumtree, you may find completely unused items for a fraction of the original retail price. If you’re completely cool with second-hand goods, items may only have been used as little as one time. Or, have you ever admired a friend’s clothes? Why not have a swap party where you and your friends can swap unwanted items. You not only get rid of the clothes you don’t want anymore, but you get something ‘new’ back too!

Keep an eye on your bills!
Bills make up some of the most significant proportion of our monthly and quarterly spends. To keep costs down, keep a close eye on your day to day habits. Put your heating on a timer, or invest in an automation system to ensure you’re not wasting energy. Equally, cut down your showers to save hot water, make sure you only wash full loads of laundry, swap normal light bulbs for energy saving ones…the list goes on.

Buy out of season
In the winter, everyone needs a coat! But this drives the prices up. Think about what you might need ahead of each season so you can take advantage of sales and special offers. In the Boxing Day sales for example, you can stock up on all the winter gear you’ll need for the following year. The same can apply for things like holidays.

So, there you have it. Saving money can be practical, fun and not as difficult as it first appears.

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