iPhone vs Samsung: what mobile phone to buy?

iPhone vs Samsung: what mobile phone to buy?

The ultimate question you need to consider when purchasing a phone in today’s market is what brand to get… but let’s be realistic, the only real contenders in the current market are iPhone and Samsung. Gone are the days when you had the choice of Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and HTC, but even they don’t provide as big an offering anymore. Below we’ve summarised some of the key points that will be important for you to bear in mind before buying, and ultimately these can be transferred if you’re interested in buying a tablet.


Apple are known for being one of the more expensive technology providers and as such their mobile phone offering is at the top end of the market, especially if you are considering buying the handset out right. Although different network providers do offer a variety of deals, meaning you may actually be able to find a good price for an iPhone, however Samsung’s are usually cheaper. Obviously the more advanced the handset, the more expensive the phone will be


Typically Samsung mobile phones are known for having high resolution cameras. Due to their wide product offering you could potentially choose a phone with a higher resolution camera, which is significantly higher than what an iPhone offers.
However the iPhone does offer a high level camera that is suitable for everyday use. Unless you are interested in photography you might not deem this as a priority.


Phones are no longer used for simply making/ receiving calls and texts. Apps are becoming more essential and as such it is important for you to consider what apps you would be using on your phone. Currently as it stands, Apple apps usually come out on their app store first before Android and can be seen as the better provider. As of 2015 “By June last year 75 billion apps had been downloaded from Apple’s store, and earlier this month the company revealed it now hosts 1.4 million apps which are available across 155 countries.*” Apple apps are also known for being substantially faster when being updated, essential when you need that latest Snapchat filter.

Screen size and resolution

Both phone providers offer an average and a large version of their latest phones which gives you more choice – making the decision that much harder. However, at 5.1 inches the Samsung’s average screen is larger in comparison than the 4.7 inch iPhone screen and is of a higher level of resolution, which could potentially mean better quality viewing.


Samsung offers more storage for less money which is ideal for those of you interested in having lots of songs, photos, videos etc. Although if you are looking for a phone with a large amount of built in storage an iPhone might be the way to go. You are able to choose the latest iPhone between 16GB, 64GB or 128GB. That’s a considerable amount of storage!
On the other hand Samsung offers microSD support meaning you are able to increase the 32GB amount of storage your phone has. This is ideal for holidays/trips and  to have photos and videos saved all in one place.

Additional features

iPhone Samsung
  • Finger print Touch ID
  • Apple Pay
  • Wireless charging
  • Water and dust resistant


Top Tip: Use a price comparison website before buying so that you can get the best handset for the cheapest price – essential for when you’re trying to manage those pennies.


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