Laws you didn’t know existed – abroad!

Laws you didn’t know existed – abroad!

We at Discuss liked our Laws you didn’t know existed post so much, we thought we’d go global! This time, we bring to you the obscure, specific and somewhat puzzling laws in places across the globe. Travellers beware!

It is illegal to feed pigeons in Venice
Similarly to Trafalgar Square, where feeding pigeons was banned in 2003, tourists are no longer allowed to feed pigeons in St. Mark’s Square. If you’re caught doing this you could face a fine of up to €700!

Running out of petrol in Germany
This one is a little misleading! Firstly, we’re not referring to the entirety of Germany, rather the network of roads known as the Autobahn Highway where speed limits do not apply! Secondly, it’s not illegal to run out of petrol per se… but it is illegal to stop on this road for any reason other than an emergency…. is running out of petrol classed as an emergency in Germany? You guessed it – no!

Kinder Surprise Eggs in USA
What? We hear you cry! Our beloved childhood favourite is illegal in America? That’s correct. Due to the choking hazard, the USA does not allow toys to be encased in any confectionary and therefore bans all imports of Kinder Surprise Eggs. However, a few years back, an American version of Kinder Surprise, Choco Treasure Eggs became available due to its approved variations on the design meaning a significant reduction in choking risks.

Dying in Sarpourenx, France
This unusual prohibition of death came about after planning permission was refused to extend the existing graveyard in the small town of Sarpourenx. The Mayor then decreed that unless residents already had a plot secured, it is forbidden for them to die in the parish. Let’s hope everyone in the parish without a plot is in good health…

Driving with headlights off in Denmark
Like many other Scandinavian countries, drivers are required by law to have a minimum of dipped headlights on, even in the day time! Apparently this leads to drivers being more aware of their surroundings and of other vehicles. If you were the only one not following this law, we reckon you’d be singled out pretty quickly!

So there you have it – do well to remember these if you’re going abroad! Does Law interest you? Why not have a look at the Law programmes available at CU Coventry, CU London and CU Scarborough.